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Boutique hotels can be really impressive. Their biggest assets are unique architecture, spectacular design and high-quality customer service. The architectural features are the added value, highlighting the luxurious nature of the facility.  Boutique hotels are often located in historic tenement houses, palaces, castles, manors or monasteries. Their unique style attracts art connoisseurs and those who seek peaceful relaxation in beautiful surroundings. Last time we wrote about the most interesting boutique hotels in Tricity. Now we would like to show you three such hotels in Pomorskie region.

The name „boutique” originates from French and means a small store selling luxury goods.  The name ’boutique hotel’ recalls expensive, luxurious stores from the most prestigious districts of Paris. The first boutique hotels appeared in the 1980s. Initially they popped up in the centres of such big cities like London, New York or San Francisco. Today boutique hotels are frequently located away from the city centres and from the tourist routes. They can be found in the suburbs or even outside the city limits.

The Parisian store-inspired hotels offer luxurious rooms and the highest quality services. They are as different as their guests, looking for various experiences. However, they still share certain common features. The distinguishing elements are, among others, a small size of the building, small number of rooms, the welcoming atmosphere and the original interior design. The standard available in a boutique hotel is similar to the one found in a five-star hotel, with even biggest emphasis on quality and personalised scope of services.  The elegance and top quality of the service offered by boutique hotels are a refreshing alternative for the guests looking for the highest standard and cosy atmosphere. 

Boutique hotels in Pomorskie: the styl, distinction and design

The label of ’boutique hotel’ is defined by the size of the facility and its architecture. Those hotels are rather small, with up to 100 rooms. They are usually created in post-industrial or historic buildings, e.g.: palaces, castles, tenement houses or factories. Its vintage style, type of the façade and its past are the factors which add to the prestige of the building. The spirit of the past present in the renovated spaces is detectable not only in the design of the rooms, but also on the walls of the hall or in the lobby. The corridors, the main hall or the hotel restaurant are frequently decorated with well-known works of art or antique furniture.

The key element of boutique hotel’s signature look, whether its design is classic, ultra-modern or eclectic, is the designer concept of the interior.  The interiors may be either crude or warm and cosy. They may feature some regional motifs. Each room has its own style and the guests have the choice among various designs, inspired by a specific epoch or style. In the best boutique hotels there is no room for repetitiveness and conventional solutions.  Here, simplicity gives way to originality. 

The Łeba Castle: a luxurious hotel on a hill with a sea view

Looking at the map of Poland we can see a number of old castles. The one in Łeba, though, is one of a kind. Its genius loci lies in its splendid location. The Łeba Castle is a pre-war resort located right next to the beach, on a hill above the dunes. The Castle, situated just next to the wide, sandy beach is a local landmark and one of the symbols of the town.

Oficially opened in 1907 as „Kurhaus” (Spa House) it suffered some damage during two sea storms, not long after being built. It was restored by Maximilian Nitschke, who bought it in 1911 from Herbert von Massow and made some improvements in its structure to protect it from natural elements.  Maximilian Nitschke added some fortifying details to the hill on which the castle is situated – it is thanks to his efforts that the historic building was preserved and did not end up as ruins.

During the inter-war period, The Spa House was teeming with life. It hosted guests from the high society. The World War II put an end to those prosperous and idyllic days. After the war ended, the house on the hill remained empty for several years. In the 1950s it was re-opened, this time as the Neptun holiday resort. Finally, in the 1990s the hotel was acquired by a businessman who turned it into a hotel. And so The Łeba Castle, which resisted the sea storms for over 100 years, is still there, impressing the tourists with its amazing location.

The breath-taking sea view is what the guests especially admire. The vicinity of the pine forest and the endless blue horizon make this place look as if belonging in one of the Brothers Grimm’s folk tales. The Castle interiors were originally designed. They are full of soothing colours and fine fabrics. Cosy rooms offer the guests a truly comfortable stay. Some of them, located in the castle’s tower, astonish the visitors with their semi-circular shape. 

Inside The Castle one can find the space intended for the deep relaxation.  SÃO SPA, designed in the oriental style, offers a wide range of beauty treatments performed by Indonesian masseuses. In the summer the guests may use the outdoor swimming pool. The chef of the hotel restaurant serves Polish cuisine dishes with a note of his own culinary concept.  The name of the restaurant, Neptun, is a tribute to the Castle’s previous name.

Leśny Dwór: the hunting manor turned into a hotel in the heart of Kashubian Switzerland

Its picturesque location at the Węgorzyno Lake, in the beautiful natural surroundings, makes your stay fully relaxing. Leśny Dwór is a place with a long history, located in one of the most beautiful Kashubian villages – Sulęczyno.  Its location in one of the most beautiful regions of Poland (It is not without reason that it is commonly referred to as the Kashubian Switzerland) makes it an ideal spot for a serene stay. The hotel is open all year round and welcomes guests searching for silence, tranquillity and closeness to nature.

Leśny Dwór comprises of two buildings: The 18th century Hunting Manor and the more modern Outbuilding. In total, there are 30 rooms and apartments that can accommodate up to 93 guests. All rooms are bright, comfortable and tastefully designed, with either a lake view or a garden view. 

Leśny Dwór has functioned as an accommodation facility for many years. In 2019  a new chapter of its history started, when it was  thoroughly refurbished and then re-opened as a new, marvellous boutique hotel. The guests particularly appreciate the interior design elements referring to the hunting heritage of the old manor, with details associated with nature, yet surprising with their originality. The owner – Martyna Górska-Popielarz, is also the person who supervised all the works in the scope of interior design and space arrangement details.  Her love for exquisite design and the competence in combining various textures and materials is quite visible here – just like in the twin facility – Quadrille Hotel in Gdynia, however,  both hotels vary in style.

Looking around the interiors we can notice the original lighting items, wonderful, astounding paintings, impressive mirrors, stunning furniture, beautiful wallpaper with botanical motifs and other unusual elements – they are precisely what the ambience of the place is made of. 

The hotel restaurant, Biôłi Trus, run by Chef Patron Marcin Popielarz and Head Chef Łukasz Miecznikowski, serves the dishes of regional cuisine. The Kashubian menu with an inventive twist attracts not only the hotel guests but also visitors from Tricity and from the whole region.  The visual aspect of the restaurant is worth mentioning, too: the bright colours of chairs and diversified texture of the walls make the space warm and pleasant. The French windows facing the lake make the interior of the restaurant light and spacious. The plants and tasteful furniture complete the whole atmosphere. The dishes are served on the plates decorated with a traditional, colourful Kashubian ornaments, made by “Lubiana” – the local tableware manufacturer.

Other facilities available in the hotel are: a swimming pool, a hot tub, a dry sauna and a steam bath. There is a billiard table and a bowling alley, a glass-walled patio just at the lake shore with a barbecue canopy and a fireplace. The facility also has a wide selection of board games and books.

In summertime Leśny Dwór is a perfect place for people who like to be active. They can rent water bikes, canoes. It is a great area for Nordic walking and cycling trips. You can participate yoga workshops at any time of year. From the very beginning, Leśny Dwór has followed the slow movement approach and focused on cooperation with the best yoga schools and teachers in Poland.

Leśny Dwór Sulęczyno is also a perfect venue for a dream wedding ceremony and reception – in a beautifully renovated historic interior, within exceptional natural surroundings and cosy atmosphere.

Royal Baltic Luxury Boutique:  the hotel in Ustka with royal SPA zone

There are amazing and magical places at the Baltic Sea coast. Hotel Royal Baltic Luxury Boutique, very popular both with guests from Poland and from abroad, is one of those places. Located in Ustka, close to the beach, surrounded by a pine forest, is an oasis of peace, a synonym of luxury and a royal-class relaxation.

Royal Baltic Luxury Boutique

The hotel interiors are astonishingly elegant and unique. In the lobby, next to the reception, the extravagant red couches immediately draw the visitors’ attention. So as the enormous black lamps, an armchair which looks like a king’s throne and golden accessories. Lucjan, the cat, welcomes all those who enter the hotel door.  The four-egged resident feels at home here – he can be spotted also at the bar or at the SPA zone.

All those fancy features together create the signature look of  Royal Baltic Hotel. There are 117 rooms, designed in a stylish yet modern manner. The newly built part of the hotel amazes with variety of colours and with its modern design. The rooms, designed in a glamorous style, with glass-walled bathrooms, modern appliances, intriguing details and decorations radiate luxury and innovation.

The rooms and their decor are only a preview of what we can see and experience in the Spa and Wellness zone.  Its magical and lavish interiors stimulate all the senses.  Here, the guests may feel like on an exotic journey to The Arab Emirates or to the land of One Thousand and One Nights Tales. Seven unique beauty salons await the visitors at the Spa zone. Dream-like, exotic and elegant salons, some of them designed for couples: “The Taste of The Orient”, “The Ocean of Tranquillity”, “Caesar and Cleopatra”, “Sanum per Aqua”, “Holistic& Natural” – all guarantee the customer care with holistic approach. After having a beauty treatment you can stay and rest here, listening to the ambient music, enjoying a cup of delicious tea and fully relax.

In the Wellness zone there is a large swimming pool with a counter-current system, neck massaging unit and colour therapy function, as well as a hot tub with a starry sky above and several types of sauna.

The offer of the hotel would not be complete without an outstanding  restaurant with a Mediterrean, Polish, regional, American and Azian cuisine menu, which will please even the most demanding gourmets with its delicious dishes, desserts and a wide selection of beverages.

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