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A unique material, which comes a long and interesting way and undergoes a magnificent transformation. It was swallowed by the sea, but it was the man that put it there. In the end, it comes back, in a different form. Marzena Warczak from Sopot spotted and appreciated these pieces of glass pampered by the sea waves, and transformed them into a minimalist jewellery with marine DNA.

Passion born from sunrise

Marzena Warczak used to work in marketing. However, she always dreamed that her work would be connected to the sea. Her new business started after her maternity leave, born from sunrises, which became Marzena’s daily routine and her only moment of peace during the day. When she noticed the shimmering coloured glass in the sand, she never imagined that it would soon become not only her passion, but also a way of life.

I was looking for my path in life for a very long time. The sea showed it to me, washing the glass up onto the shore, right under my feet – said Marzena Warczak, owner of Seaglass Sopot.

Colourful glass found on the beach

The sea sand hides many treasures, one of which being the glass that some of us used to collect as children. Have you ever wondered where it comes from and why it is so perfectly smooth? This is  the product of human hands that ended up in the sea for various reasons several decades ago. It could be anything: glass bottles, vases, glasses, perfume flacons, or even fragments of cars or ships. Each one is unique because it tells a different story.

Each time, I wonder where the glass I hold in my hand came from. I recently read that the ashen glass may come from cinema TV screens. In my collection I have a very thick glass that might have once been a window on a ship, and one orange glass, perhaps from a car headlight – said Marzena Warczak, owner of Seaglass Sopot.

They have come a long way, for 20 to even 100 years, before they ended up on the seashore. No one knows where they were or what they “saw”. And it is this mystery that makes them an object of desire.

Minimalist Seaglass Sopot jewellery designed by the sea

Blue is Marzena Warczak’s favourite colour, which is evident in her designs. Blue glass is also quite hard to find, which makes the jewellery even more special. She most often combines them with the colour gold, as they contrast beautifully with each other, but this of course is not the rule.

Seaglass Sopot’s flagship designs include earrings, bracelets and necklaces from the minimalist and subtle collections: Chasing the light and Ray of light, as well as the slightly more extravagant, though still ethereal: Follow the sun. The jewellery is sure to be loved by women who appreciate spohistication and originality. Because you should also know that no two pieces of glass are the same. They may be similar, but each carries its own mystery. They are designed by nature itself.

I never interfere with the shape of the glass, which is why not every glass is suitable to be used in jewellery. It has to be perfectly smoothed by the waves. I try to keep my pro-designs as simple as possible so as not to destroy the original aesthetic of the glass itself. It is so beautiful that I wouldn’t want to change much in it – added Marzena Warczak.

And although Seaglass Sopot jewellery is primarily an original collection, the owner is open to third-party designs. Sales are made via Facebook or Instagram. All you have to do is describe your idea and if it is consistent with the brand’s aesthetic, Marzena will prepare a quote.

Sometimes I work with glass that clients deliver personally, some is brought back from foreign holidays – adds Marzena Warczak.

Rarae aves among sea glass

The sea is most likely to wash up white and green pieces. Blue ones are quite rare, but with patient searching they too can be found. Red, cobalt and lilac are the real ‘gems’. There are also specimens in interesting shapes, such as a perfectly smoothed heart. Marzena puts the most beautiful ones into a special jar, where they wait for their day to come, or for that one and only customer to appear.

I once had a special piece from which I made a ring. I thought I would never give it back, but Marcelina Zawadzka liked it so much that I decided to present it to her. I am happy that today it brings joy to someone else – Marzena concluded.

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