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Let us hear the sound of Christmas! That is the Christmas market’s motto this year and you can visit the market in the Gdańsk city centre starting November 18th. The opening ceremony could not be more spectacular: the snowy weather –  a promise of ‘white Christmas’, the parade, which went across the Targ Węglowy [the Coal Market] accompanied by the sounds of drums and trumpets, bright lights illuminating the market and the exhibitors, offering in their beautifully decorated stalls such goods as gingerbread cookies, mulled wine, delicacies from all corners of the world as well as local products and crafts. This year the Christmas Fair will last until December 23rd. This means five whole weeks of festive attractions for the Tricity inhabitants as well as for Polish and foreign tourists.

Behind us the first weekend, during which the attendance at the Christmas market was massive. There are many fans of this event – they can’t imagine Christmas without it!  Lots of Tricity inhabitants look forward to the Christmas Fair each year and start the countdown to the day of its opening already weeks before. The Christmas Fair opened at noon on November 18th, but the official opening ceremony was held one day later.

 This year the weather surprised the organizers, exhibitors and visitors, welcoming them  with the first snowfall this season. The snowflakes, slowly falling on the streets of the Christmas market changed it into a fairytale-like place. Thousands of lights and illuminated ornaments brightened Targ Węglowy. The aroma of mulled wine and gingerbread coming from the Christmas market stalls was omnipresent. In every corner the echoes of talking merchants, craftsmen, brewers, coopers and bakers could be heard and the drummers who beat their drums loudly to attract visitors.  The opening was all we wanted for Christmas, and then some.

Gdańsk Christmas Fair: charming stalls and decorations

The Christmas market is made up of small, wooden stalls, which form a kind of a Christmas little ‘town’. Those charming stands can be found  around Targ Węglowy, in Tkacka street,  Bogusławskiego street and next to the main entrance to Forum Gdańsk shopping mall. This year The Christmas market featured one very special place. After three years The Christmas Market returns to the interior of The Great Armoury, a historic site, now adapted to be the exhibition space for artists. From the 2nd of December there will be 11 Christmas stalls to visit inside The Armoury. In total, there are more than 150 stalls selling souvenirs, Christmas decorations and various delicacies. More than 60 % exhibitors are represented by local entrepreneurs from the Tricity area.

As always, this year we can expect numerous attractions and adorable Christmas-themed decorations. Do come and visit, if only for a while, to feel the festive spirit and enjoy a few nice views. That is what you can expect while strolling the illuminated aisles:

– meet Santa Claus and his busy helpers, the elves

– take a selfie next to one of the wonderful illuminated decorations

–  try Christmas sweets and savoury dishes from all around the world

– get inspired and get some original Christmas presents, for instance some hand-made products from local artisans and artists.

On the map of the market, as each time, there are many beautiful decorations:  The Advent Gate, Santa’s sleigh, horse carousel, Angel’s Mill, magical glass ball with swirling snow, Santa’s Present Factory. They all look terrific as the background in the photos. Lucek The Moose is also present, of course. His dad jokes amuse the visitors of The Moose Corner. Because The Christmas market surprises us with some new elements every time, this year we can discover several three dimensional art installations: angel’s wings, a fountain and a gazebo.

Gdańsk Christmas Fair: animated nutcrackers

This will be the first time ever that you can see the animated nutcrackers. Mr. & Mrs. Nuttington, who eagerly pose for the photos with the visitors of the market, are the emblem of this event. Because the Nutcracker is one of the most popular symbols of Christmas, this year it made an appearance at the Gdansk Christmas market in the shape of mascots in peculiar uniforms.

The nutcrackers’ outfits resemble the battle uniforms worn by the soldiers of the Garrison of Gdansk. Before the Poland’s partitions the city maintained a fixed garrison guarding its walls and gates, fulfilling the role of today’s city guards and the police force. In 1734, the Polish king Stanisław Leszczyński used it for protection against the Russians and the Saxons. In 1793 soldiers fought the Prussian army. Many residents of Gdansk put life-sized wooden soldier figures in their gardens then. The nutcrackers are a form of preservation of customs dating back to the times of the 1st Republic Of Poland.

Gdańsk Christmas Fair: world cuisine in the gastro-zone

The market is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your friends and family, for outdoor entertainment and other similar activities.  There is a large winter gastronomic zone, with an abundance of crowd-pleasing  snacks & mulled wine. You can enjoy some sweets and warming beverages, but for those with a bigger appetite there are also soups or some other savoury dishes – they taste really good in those pleasant surroundings.  Apart from the tasty seasonal Christmas food, you can also try dishes from as many as 20 countries, including:  Japanese, Thai, Lithuanian, American, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Greek, Kashubian, Italian and Oriental cuisine.

Gdańsk Christmas Fair: original Christmas gifts ideas

The market is a great alternative for those who look for unique and extraordinary gifts. Here you can purchase interesting, original objects straight from their creators. The craftsmen offer an astounding selection of products: original wooden nutcrackers, natural Christmas decorations, hand-made bags, linen & wool items, Christmas tree baubles and other ornaments, one-of-a-kind Christmas cards, hand-made toys, all-natural cosmetics, Christmas decorations made of  candied fruit, painted angel figurines, jewellery and ceramics.  Candy lovers will be happy to find here beautiful, hand-decorated gingerbread cookie sets.

Gdańsk Christmas Fair: a nomination in the European contest

The Gdansk Christmas market is regarded to be one of the most beautiful ones in Poland and in Europe. It has been awarded many times and now it got nominated again in “European Best Christmas Market” contest. In 2019 The Gdansk Christmas Market took the third place. This year it has a chance to be on the podium once more. The decision is in the hands (or rather, the votes) of the inhabitants, visitors and tourists, who will be choosing which Christmas market they liked best. To vote, visit the website www.christmas.ebdest.in from the 25th November to the 8th December 2022. You can vote once a day from one IP address. Vote for Gdańsk!

Gdańsk Christmas Fair: programme and the opening hours

The market is as diverse as the preferences of its visitors. Here everyone can find something they will like. The market’s agenda consists of several thematic blocks. As the motto “Let us hear the sound of Christmas!”indicates , you can expect to hear various genres of music performed on stage. A series of events for kids has been prepared, too: theatrical performances, meetings with Santa Claus, winter animations. One of the attractions involves daily advent calendar window opening, which will start on the 1st of December.

The market will be open until the 23rd of December, between 12 am to 8 pm from Sunday to Thursday and between 12 am and 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  More details can be found on the market-dedicated website.

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