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On the 6th of December St. Nicolas will visit our homes to bring some gifts and hide them in our boots. What will he bring our loved ones this time? Here are a few gift ideas from companies of Pomorskie region. Choosing them as gifts not only can you make your loved ones happy, but also support local businesses.

Simple Light Candle – a bit of warmth for winter evenings

A candle is a universal gift, everyone will be happy to enjoy a bit of illuminated warmth and a pleasant, ambience-enhancing fragrance. In case of this particular product the combination of carefully selected ingredients, attention to detail and high quality are the added value and make up an ideal gift. Candles from Sample Light Candle are Ewa Niecikowska’s creation. They are made from eco-friendly soy wax, have a wooden wick and contain IFRA-certified essential oils. They are free from reagents, colourants and hardeners. The candle is encased with a glass jar (made in Polish glassworks) bearing a minimalist logo. The candles are eco-fiendly, safe and elegant. The fragrance range is divided into 4 seasonal categories: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The flagship fragrance, and the one created as the first is  – Happiness Definition, inspired by the popular perfume brand. In the winter collection we can find two fragrances: Christmas Memories, with the scent of orange, cinnamon and juicy mandarins and Santa’s Cookies, which smells like a spiced apple pie.

You certainly would like to give someone who is close to you something sincere, authentic and from the heart. A natural, hand-made soy candle is a perfect gift. Thousands of regular customers who care a lot about well-being of their loved ones have already trusted us and bought our products. Every candle is made by me in my small workshop, with a little help from my family members. You can see us at work on our Instagram @simple_light_candle. We wish you a bright Christmas, full of shiny, fragrant moments! – says Ewa Niecikowska, the owner of Simple Light Candle.

Babaluna – healthy gourmet food in a jar

Health and well-being is always valuable, not only at Christmas. The festive time is full of delicious temptations, not necessarily the guilt-free ones. Why not get the best of both worlds and give the person you care for something tasty and, at the same time healthy, from Babaluna? That is the name of a culinary magician, whose concoctions bring to mind the taste of childhood – simple yet genuine. In the menu of Babaluna there are such original items like: Polish potato cake (“baba”) in various versions, aromatics from the wilderness, herb-based products, fermented foods & beverages, lemonades, small pastries and unpasteurised dishes in a jar. Luna Bystrzanowska, the creator of Babaluna brand is continuously experimenting with new, ingenious combinations. Her main inspirations are: nature, four seasons and seasonal products. Like each year, Babaluna offers “Babaluna’s Christmas Box”. Inside it there are such gourmet goods as: delicious cranberry in white chocolate coating, mind&body calming fruity and herbal infusion, sweet&sour orange preserve, smoked cheese in herby marinade, herbal syrup available in various flavours and The Amber elixir – a healthy liqueur with real amber nuggets.

– Welcome to my Christmas tale written with the language of love and warmth. This box is an extraordinary gift. Its contents will be beneficial not only for the health of your loved ones, but will satisfy their taste buds, too. Specially composed herbal combinations, made up of Kashubian herbs, flowers and of Baltic amber are the centrepiece of this lovely composition, meant to show our affection to the person who receives this box as a gift. All the products from the Christmas range can also be bought separately: a super-spicy horseradish puree and its milder counterpart – beetroot and horseradish sauce, organic blueberry or orange preserve, herbal syrups, Polish apple mousse, pears in clove-flavoured syrup, living vinegars, non-alcoholic mulled wine and the one and only Amberówka liqueur, a remedy for many ailments – says Luna Bystrzanowska, the owner of Babaluna.

Babaluna’s products can be purchased in several locations: in the studio (please make a prior appointment) in Sopot at Armii Krajowej 60a, in Jadłostajnia Kolibki in Gdynia, at Gdański Bazar Natury in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz and at Dobry Targ in Oklaski Stanisławie. Babaluna offers a delivery option (courier) as well.

St. Nicolas’s Day gift ideas from a Pomeranian company Oh my cat!

Do you know any cat lovers? Excellent! A gift from Oh my cat! is all you need to make them happy. The owner of this originally named company is Beata Rzepińska – an artist and a graphic designer, who transformed her passion into a colourful and very positive business. The products in Oh my cat! store have something in common: they are a fusion of such artistic domains as painting, illustration, graphic design, drawing, portrait or caricature and they are all hand-made. Most of them feature cats in unusual surroundings, but there are also other motifs. In Oh my cat! store you can buy colourful acrylic and oil paintings and fancy drawings which will look great in any interior, but also everyday objects e.g.: mugs, key rings, cushions and Christmas baubles. Those can come in particularly handy just a couple of weeks from now, when we start decorating our Christmas trees. 

– I create works being a combination of what is functional with what is fairytale-like, using various means of expression: painting, graphic design and hand-made craft, featuring the motifs from my illustrations.  There are many products in my collections you can choose from, such as: bags, hip pouches, backpacks, mugs, cushions, fridge magnets, candles, Christmas decorations, clothes etc. – says Beata Rzepińska-Semmerling, the owner of Oh my cat!.

My Piece of Wood – wooden jewellery made with respect for nature

This extraordinary jewellery is created using real wood pieces. They are not just random pieces, each of them was spotted and selected by our assistant, an expert in raw materials, Asco, the dog. Together with his keeper, Hania Grzyś, they work to make the company successful. My Piece of Wood collections include: ear-rings, rings, necklaces and cuff-links. All the items are inspired by nature and created with respect for it. In her works Hanna uses mainly the wood she recycles, she never damages the trees growing in the forest. Choosing the jewellery from My Piece of Wood we can have the sense of getting an object which is unique and, at the same time, valuable. 

– Wood is timeless and the woods or nature are always in fashion. My talismans from the woods are a reminder of the need to slow down and live mindfully, to connect with nature and take a deeper breath. With My Piece of Wood you can always carry your own piece of nature with you – says Hanna Grzyś, the owner of My Piece of Wood company.

Hand-painted mugs – start your day with a colourful vibe

The way you start your morning can make or break your entire day. Isn’t it best to start your day by drinking your coffee or tea from a mug you like to look at? Hand-painted mugs from kubeczki.com artistic workshop can definitely make your day and give you a huge boost of positive energy. Just look and see how colourful they are! Their shape and colour is the concept of a team (and a couple) of potters – Maja i Michał Kiszkurno. Maja is a painter and Michał is an amateur potter.  The mugs can be ordered online, either from the range of available models or personalized, with a pattern of your choice. The choice of patterns is quite wide: bees, frogs, cats, the town houses of Gdansk or marine motifs, like sailing boats.

– All mugs are hand-made and all of them are unique. I paint each of them separately, putting my passion in every detail. I love these colourful pieces, they can make everyone’s day better and brighter – says Maja Kiszkurno, the company’s owner.

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