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„A year-round holiday home, with excellent energy for creative relaxation and carefree chillout” – this is how the owners of Modra Chata describe their business. Located in the heart of Kociewie region, the characteristic house draws the attention of anyone who shows up in the neighbourhood.

The reason for this is simple: Modra Chata shows a magical palette of colours. Its elevation is covered with paintings created by one of the owners. – I have been painting for my entire life, and one day I decided that I wanted to paint the house. When I started, I couldn’t stop. Today, almost the entire house is covered in paintings -says Weronika Wróbel. – Creation and creativity can be seen in everything I do – she adds.

Moda Chata, an agritourism farm near the town of Skarszewy, consists of four rooms, which can accommodate up to eight people. There is also a common room, which combines dining room, kitchen, and living room functions, as well as two bathrooms. The owners, Weronika Wróbel & Darek Śliwiński, say that the entire house is available for rent. There are tons of books, utensils, and trinkets scattered all around it. Modra Chata is a house that everyone dreams of. The owners point out that they would like the guests to feel like they are keeping an eye on their friends’ house.

The owners try to constantly develop the interior and exterior of the building. In summer, a small art studio is going to be launched, where ceramics, photo, painting or drawing workshops are going to take place. The studio will also host different kinds of other activities, such as yoga classes. The fireplace is going to be replaced, and the living room section will become larger.

-Modra Chata is a creative place. The neighbourhood itself encourages cutting off and searching for inspiration, finding your one’s true self. Guests aim for satisfying their inner, spiritual needs. This is why they often rent out the house to organise different kinds of development workshops. I always say that this is a place for people who like and can appreciate countryside. This is where you will get peace, quiet, and where you can listen to birdsongs – says Weronika Wróbel.

Guests can do whatever they please around the house: use all rooms, cook in the kitchen, relax in the garden. If they wish to set out somewhere into the wild, there is plenty to choose from, including a visit to the nearby Wieżyca, the highest elevation in Pomorskie. The nearby reservoirs are famous for their kayaking events and waterside activities. You can also spend your time on a beach, swimming, roaming through the woods, or cycling along scenic cycling routes. What is interesting is that there are plenty of cycling routes in the neighbourhood, which provides ample opportunity to visit both Kociewie and Kaszuby regions.

Weronika Wróbel says that it was her wish to make Modra Chata resemble a harsh, countryside home. What counts here is the nearby pond, meadow, or forest. It is here that you can enjoy a breath of pure nature.

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