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Timeless, designed with intuition and care for the smallest detail. At the same time, useful and permanent. This is the jewelry manufactured by NAC Amber from Gdansk. Amber jewelry made by NAC Amber enjoyed a great interest during Expo 2015 Fair in Milan, and the ring with an amber eye decorates Anna Jagodzińska’s, a top model, finger.


NAC Amber is a manufacturer of jewelry. In its products the Company uses natural diamonds, sapphires, rubies and – first and foremost – Polish amber in all the possible shades. The jewelry base is always gold (pink, white or yellow) and silver (rhodium-coated and gilded).

NAC Amber history started quite innocently. Marcin Wesołowski, the Company founder, made his first projects in his father’s garage. Today he laughs saying that he is close to Steve Jobs – after all the first Apple seat was also located in the backyard garage. Wesołowski had a vision and ambitious plan – his passion for jewelry has helped him to produce things which hitherto have never appeared on the Polish market. Today, after over 15 years of experience NAC Amber may proudly claim that dreams come true. The Company managed by Marcin Wesołowski and his wife, Marta Siemionko, is now a synonym of precision and the highest class jewelry.

NAC AMBER - jewlery

NAC Amber produces the precious things according to the old school of jewelry – step by step, with emphasis on manual, extremely detailed metal-oriented work. There is no shortcut to go and to make the jewelry out of ready-made elements. The Company focuses on what such famous international makes like Cartier or Tiffany are proud of. In majority of the NAC Amber jewelry the stones are enclosed instead of being pasted. They are kept in place by little, gold or silver holders. This solution is time-consuming, but the effect is astonishing.

And this is the detail which gives power to NAC Amber make. The earrings have welded elements thanks to which they are permanent. In turn, the bracelets show excellent connection of hinges – they click instead being welded by means of a classic round chain. Also is the bilateralism a characteristic feature of NAC Amber make. This is not only the front of the precious product which is important, but also its rear and underside parts. These elements are finished additionally – they are sandblasted and polished.

The NAC Amber jewelry means modernism strongly founded in classics. No blind following the trends. NAC Amber jewelry is timeless and no generation would be ashamed to wear it. Yet, this quality has its price. NAC Amber is one of the most expensive jewelry makes in Poland.

Gdansk workshop employs over 10 persons. There are several jewelry desks (fitted with microscope to enclose the stones), a designer’s workstation fitted with 3D printer and modelling room where wax jewelry models are produced. In the other part of the workshop amber is polished and silver and gold are melted in special machines of the latest generation.

Although NAC Amber is not so well known in Poland, it becomes more and more recognized all over the world. The jewelry of Gdansk manufacturers is worn by Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Scandinavian people and the residents of the United Arab Emirates.

NAC Amber jewelry may be admired in the Prestige Gallery, Millenium Gallery and Małgorzata Serafin’s workshop.

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