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Tricity – it’s a lifestyle!

Gdańsk, Sopot & Gdynia, in short – Tricity. It’s not only a neat place to live in, but most of all – a great lifestyle. It’s made up of green boulevards and sandy beaches that encourage long walks, but also the commotion of the Sopot pier, fancy nightclubs and film & music festivals.

There’s more to Gdańsk than the statue of Neptune!

There are few cities like Gdańsk, with tangible atmosphere of creativity and exciting changes that happen almost on a daily basis. Every corner of the Main Town is filled with great shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels, with new ones popping up like mushrooms every day. You could say that Gdańsk thrives upon its love of art, fashion and design. Mariacka Streeet – a definite number one, constantly changing with passing seasons, tempting with amber on every step. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the city is considered to be the world amber capital, with designs that inspire awe even in the most experienced designers It’s here that, twice a year, you will participate in the world’s largest amber and jewelry fair. The event is accompanied by Fashion&Amber Gala, where fashion designers along with jewelers present original collections, prepared especially for this evening. There’s no need to look around for culture and arts – places like Shakespeare Theater with its Shakespeare Festival or the European Solidarity Center with Solidarity of Arts are top-notch. Maritime atmosphere is intensified by numerous outdoor festivals and events, such as the International Street & Open-Air Theater Festival FETA that transforms the city into one huge theatre scene and allows you to discover unique locations, or dance workshops as well as music concerts by Polish and foreign stars during Gdańsk Dźwiga Muzę Festival. And if you need to catch your breath, visit Gdańsk Marina and feel the maritime character of the city.

Sopot – where day and night go hand in hand

It’s a city that never sleeps. How could it if temptation awaits on every corner. The “epicenter” is the so-called “Monciak” (Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street) that leads straight to the most beautiful pier of the Baltic Sea coast. During the day it’s the magnetism of local cafes and restaurants, and at night – good music and enjoying yourself in fancy clubs. You simply can’t miss Atelier, Coctai Bar, Max, Galeria 63 or Zatoka Sztuki, which under an intriguing name (the Bay of Arts) hides a whole-year restaurant with an artistic event space. If you like it loud, the Forest opera and Ergo Arena are the places to go. Top Trendy Festival and music concerts of great artists have become a permanent fixture in the city’s cultural calendar. The word fashion is omnipresent in Sopot. You don’t get to many cities with fashionistas on every corner. Young and resourceful citizens give the city its unique character. Inspiration is plenty mainly during Sopot Fashion Week. It’s the time of pervasive, intriguing expressions of fashion. Some like it casual, others – with a little twist. Whether it’s elegance & class or latest trends – you’ll find plenty of both. Such palette of styles and original approach to fashion are unlikely to be found anywhere else.

Gdynia – tempting modernity!

Gdynia is, most of all, a center for creative thinking and modernistic architecture. One of the places that shape the city’s urban space is Gdynia Design Center, located in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park. The building itself is thought-provoking, so it should come as no surprise that original designs of everyday objects that leave this place never cease to amaze. But modernity means also taking action and having a place to do so. Among those is Gdynia Skatepark, a few steps from Świętojańska street and near the sea – a perfect location. Those that complain on young people spending too much time in front of computer screens should come here more often! But it’s not all – Gdynia offers many more places to be checked out with friends or family. Centrum Experyment is one of them. Vast exhibition space combines fun with science, allowing for a natural and quick comprehension of many confusing problems from the fields of physics, chemistry or medicine. Currently, the center broadens its portfolio to various themed evenings, workshops, movie screenings and classes for children.To top up your experience, go to the one-and-only Kościuszko Square (Skwer Kościuszki) and Gdynia Boulevard to feel the wind in your hair (if you have any, that is).

Is there anything more to ask for? 🙂

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