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Pomeranian esoteric tourism is a new dimension of sightseeing that enables us to experience the metaphysical aspect of certain places. Such places are powerful energy sources, which can be measured with a special pendulum. These are sites of ancient cult, burial grounds or ritual meetings of the elders. Pomorskie region is full of such metaphysical places where you can literally feel the touch of the energy on your skin.

Stone circles a.k.a. Pomeranian Stonehenge

Odry and Węsiory are Pomeranian stone circles, referred to by some as the ‘Polish Stonehenge’. To understand these places and feel their full power, it’s worth learning more about their history beforehand or go on a guided tour. Understanding the broader context is the first step to experiencing the full spectrum of emotions. Looking at the regular concentric stone rings you get the impression that they are emerging from the sea of greenery. Their regular shape and precision in their arrangement evoke admiration and leave us reflecting on the meaning of existence. It’s hard to imagine how many hands touched these stones, how many pairs of eyes looked at them over the centuries. Those people are gone and the stones stand undisturbed. Regardless of whether the energy flows from the outside or if it’s just an auto-suggestion, there is something in these places that gives you goose bumps. Stone rings are the burial sites of the Goths and Gepids from the period of the 1st to 3rd century AD. There are, of course, many more such circles in the Pomorskie region. You can find them in places like Babie Doły, Grzybnica or Przodkowo. Let’s remember to respect these strong energy places, maintain silence, do not litter and absolutely do not remove even a single stone from the site. You never know the immense power they hold within…

Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk  full of magical exhibits

Museums are places that possess true treasures within their walls. To feel the energy of the excavated (also from the energy sites) artefacts, we encourage you to visit the Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk. The museum hosts permanent as well as temporary exhibitions. In one of its branches – the Blue Lamb Granary – you will find, among other objects, the Celestial Disk from Nebra, specifically, a reconstruction of the Nebra treasure brought from Germany The exhibit is so meticulously crafted that it is hard to distinguish it from the original. This is one of the most important archaeological findings of the end of the last century, featured on UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” list. The Celestial Disk from Nebra displays the oldest known representation of astronomical phenomena in the world and gives us an insight into the knowledge of the world and the religion of our ancestors from 3600 years ago.

Rowokół, the magical mountain of the Slovincians

It is located between Łeba and Słupsk, near Lake Gardno, to the south of the village of Smołdzino. In the past, it was a site of pagan religious cults – remains of a sacrificial hearth with animal bones dating back to the 9th century were discovered there. After the 12th century, Rowokół became a place of Christian worship. The chapel was built, dedicated to St. Nicholas Today, the Mountain of the Slovincians is a major tourist attraction and the culmination of the visit is a climb to the viewing platform, offering a panorama of the Słowiński National Park.

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