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Pomorskie is steaming with breath-taking outdoors, all within your grasp. Have you tried exploring one of the countless nature trails of Pomorskie? If not, then you should. You’ll get the chance to enjoy crisp, fresh air, and also learn something new. Taking one of those trails is a perfect opportunity to get your family to actively spend time together, as they can be exciting for children and adults alike.

Three nature trails with children in mind: The Trail of Alice in the enchanted forest, the Root Trail, and the Squirrel Trail.

We start our adventure in Marszewo, where the lovely botanical garden is located. Within it, there is Alice’s Enchanted Forest, which is a direct reference to the famous novel by Lewis Carroll. There are keyhole-shaped signposts along the trail, so you can’t get lost. Although in  Wonderland, anything’s possible. Along the way, you’ll find display boards and riddles to keep your kids entertained. The more you explore, the more interesting it gets. You will squeeze through several keyholes of different sizes, until you stumble upon… a ginormous tick! Unlike the real ones, this one won’t hurt you. On the contrary, you can even pet it and hop on its back! There are more enormous insects in the Enchanted Forest. One of the attractions along the trail is the sensory labyrinth, which is safe enough for even the youngest children to get lost in. You can cross the Alice Trail in around forty minutes. If afterwards you’re still hungry for adventure, you can drop by the neighbouring Root Trail, referred to by some as “The Hobbit’s Trail”. Along this route, you will pass the Woodcutter’s hut, Herbalist’s hut, roots, and patches of mushrooms. And if your children can’t stand still when they see a squirrel, take them to the Squirrel Trail, where you will find different display boards with riddles for both children, and adults.

Trout and salmon nature trails

This time, we are visiting the town of Łosino, located at the Słupia river. The 4-kilometre trail will give you breath-taking shots, so don’t forget to take your camera or charge your phone. The display boards  located along the trail will give you information about the Słupia river basin and its fish inhabitants. Of course that’s not all that awaits for you. There is the famous manor park located at the foot of a steep hill, and an early Medieval stronghold. The park’s monumental trees, all of which are natural monuments, will take your breath away. You also can’t miss the tomb of the former owner of the park, Maximilian von Zitzewitz. Fun fact: the trail has been marked with images of salmon painted on the trees. Looking for those pictures is great fun for the kids. You can either walk along the trail, or take a bicycle.

The „Kokoszka” birdwatching nature trail

“Kokoszka” is a 1.5-kilometre trail found in the town of Swornegacie in the Zaborski Landscape Park. A forester’s lodge is where the trail begins. There are nine display boards along the trail, each one telling a story of a different habitat and birds that dwell in “Kokoszka”. Along the way, you will come across picturesque lakes, and a river, as well as a lookout where you can watch the birds without disturbing them. It’s a perfect spot for photographers who would like to capture the more unique birds in their natural habitats: marsh harrier, white-tailed eagle or grey heron.

Fot. Styl Beata Chojeta

„The ravines and cliffs of Rozewie” nature trail

This is something you’re going to love if you enjoy picturesque, seaside sceneries. The 4.5-kilometre trail is located near the popular resort of Jastrzębia Góra. The trail is basically a loop: it begins and ends near the Stefan Żeromski lighthouse in Rozewie, built in the nineteenth century. This is one of the greatest attractions of the trail, and at the same time — a landmark of the Polish seaside. If you follow the route, you will find numerous natural monuments. You will also get to experience a rocky beach at the foot of the majestic cliffs. The seaside views are breath-taking, but they don’t exhaust the list of attractions along the way. Have you heard about the “sunny highway”? It is a lime tree alley created between WWI and WWII. Further down the trail, you will cross the “Fox Ravine”, with an obelisk commemorating the famous Polish king, Sigismund III Vasa. Amateurs of birdwatching will be pleased to know that there are numerous birds inhabiting the area: white storks, mute swans, skylarks, northern pipits, bullfinches, and many more.

Fot. Rafał Skowronek, Nadleśnictwo Choczewo

Fot. Jarosław Sitkowski, Nadlesnictwo Choczewo

The „Ptasi Raj” natural reserve trail

We start our journey on Sobieszewo Island, in the “Ptasi Raj” bird reserve. The trail is six kilometres long, so be prepared for a longer stroll that can take up to several hours. There are ten display boards along the way that will introduce you to the riches of the reserve’s flora and fauna. If you’re interested in birdwatching, then you will find a plethora of birds to watch. Just remember to take your binoculars with you. If you’re lucky, that is, depending on when you visit, you’ll see flocks of siskins, wagtails, sparrows, ducks, teals, woodpeckers, herons, cormorants, or swans. Don’t be surprised if you run into an occasional sounder of wild boars, and if you’re careful, you might even say hello to a roe deer, fox,  raccoon dog, or hare. Please, remember that you are the guest of the reserve-dwelling animals. Keep that in mind and do not disturb them.

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