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The World Food Travel Day, which will take place online on 18 April, has prompted us to look for the best local recipes among people we know and respect. Today, we are presenting a recipe for Kashubian crayfish soup with puff pastry, inspired by the recipe of the eminent French chef Paul Bocuse. The soup will be prepared by Marcin Popielarz, the head chef of the Biały Królik restaurant. The video of the cooking session will be available on the World Travel Association’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/worldfoodtravel) on 18 April.

Ingredients for fish stock (27 litres):

Fish offcuts – 3 kg (preferably freshwater fish , we use : tench / crucian carp / zander / roach)

Onion – 1 kg

Parsley root – 1 kg

Celery – 0,5 kg

Allspice – 5 g

Bay leaves – 2 g

Garlic – 30 g

Tomato concentrate

Oil 200 ml

How to prepare fish stock?

Put the fish offcuts in the oven (preheated to 185 degrees) for 25 minutes. Cut vegetables, mix with spices, tomato concentrate and oil and put in the oven (preheated to 180 degrees) for 25 minutes. After roasting, put everything into a pot and pour in 30 l of water.

Ingredients for the crayfish stock (6 l):

Prepared fish stock (5 l)

Tomato soup base (2 l) – 100g concentrate fried with 500g onion and 100ml vegetable oil, 2.5 kg Pelati tomatoes, cook until soft. Grind.

White wine (1 l)

Crayfish (1 kg)

Oyster sauce (50 ml)

How to prepare the crayfish stock?

Once the crayfish has thawed, pour the water from the crayfish into the fish stock. Place the crayfish in the oven (preheated to 185 degrees) for 25 minutes. Add the roasted crayfish to the stock and then blend. Add reduced wine, tomato base and oyster sauce to the stock. Simmer for 1.5 hours.

Ingredients for the final soup base:

1.5 crawfish base, 3 l fish stock, 400g potatoes, 500g onion, 250g parsley root, 250g carrot, 170g celery, 250g pepper, 15g garlic, 30g tomato paste, 0.5l tomato juice, 50ml oyster sauce, 100ml oil

Chop the vegetables finely, fry with the concentrate, pour in the fish stock, crayfish stock, oyster sauce and tomato juice and cook until soft, then blend and season with lemon juice, salt, pepper and sugar.

We call this the final base because the soup is only seasoned before serving:

salt / sugar / lemon juice

Fot. Joanna Ogórek

Ingredients for the steamed dough (16 servings):

Water 250 ml

Wheat flour 250 g

Butter 125 g

Eggs 3 pcs.

Salt 3 g

How to prepare the steamed dough?

Boil the water with butter and salt. Pour it all into the flour and mix, gradually adding eggs. When the mixture is ready, put it into a pastry bag and squeeze onto the boiling water. Cook for one minute after the cake has risen to the surface.

Vegetables (1 serving):

Carrot 40 g

Potato 50 g

Celery 35 g

How to prepare vegetables for baking the soup?

Dice the vegetables and cook until soft.

Ingredients for baking the soup (for 1 serving):

Puff pastry 20 g

Half a crayfish (approx. 20 g)

How to bake the soup in the end?

Heat the soup, add the previously prepared vegetables, noodles made according to a selected recipe and half a crayfish. Brush the rim of the bouillon with egg and top with puff pastry. Bake for seven minutes at 185 degrees.

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