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As part of World Food Travel Day, which takes place simultaneously in dozens of countries, the Pomorskie Tourists Board has planned a virtual cooking session with the head chef of the Biały Królik restaurant from Gdynia, and boxes of delicacies from the heart of the Pomorskie region. Use our hashtags to celebrate this holiday with us on 18 April: #WorldFoodTravelDay #WorldFoodTravelDayPoland #pomorskieprestige #pomorskietravel.

Travelling and experiencing regional cuisine is a match made in heaven. Can you think of a better tourist guide than a plate full of local flavours? Through traditional cuisine, we learn about the region’s history, its potential and the habits of its people. No wonder that culinary tourism has been recognised with the World Food Travel Day.

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On 18 April, social media will be flooded with hashtags promoting culinary traditions of different countries. The Pomorskie region has also risen to the challenge. Thanks to the Pomorskie Tourist Board, amateurs of excellent cuisine from all over the world will get to experience all the best flavours of our region. What is more, anyone can get involved – for free!

“This year’s edition of the festival is held at a time of enormous challenges for tourism and gastronomy. We are convinced that our online activity will help us show off the culinary potential of the Pomorskie region and allow our prospect guests to plan their visits to places that will soon re-open”, says Łukasz Magrian, managing director of the Pomorskie Tourist Board.

What has the Pomorskie voivodship prepared for the World Food Travel Day?

Culinary tourism is one of the leading trends that attracts tourists to visit. Regional cuisine of Pomorskie is firmly rooted in its strong tradition, which is willingly used by chefs of local restaurants, who add a modern twist to the local classic recipes. Cooking and all things culinary are important areas of activity of the Pomorskie Tourist Board and the Pomorskie Prestige project, which is aimed at presenting the quality offer of the region.

The highlight of this year’s World Food Travel Day in Pomorskie is a cooking session with Marcin Popielarz, the head chef at the Biały Królik restaurant in Gdynia. A video that will be released on 18 April in the social media of the World Travel Association (https://www.facebook.com/worldfoodtravel) and on the Facebook fanpage of the Pomorskie Prestige project  (https://www.facebook.com/PomorskiePrestige), will showcase Marcin Popielarz  presenting dishes made using local products of the Pomorskie region.

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The ingredients will include crayfish, herbs and regional vegetables. Finally, viewers around the world will learn how to prepare a Kashubian crayfish soup, inspired by the recipe of the renowned French chef Paul Bocuse, and a rhubarb dessert. What’s more, to promote the region, the Pomorskie Tourist Board has come up with boxes (“baskets”) of local delicacies from the partners of the pomorskie-prestige.eu project. These include: strawberry jam, blackcurrant juice, smoked paprika oil and sea buckthorn jam. Boxes will be available in the online store (https://sklep.prot.gda.pl) or through winning a competition.

Fot. Joanna Ogórek

How can I take part in the event?

The festival is held 100 per cent online and is accessible to everyone. All amateurs of good food can get involved in promoting the region: journalists, food bloggers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, farmers, food producers, catering companies, wineries, breweries and distilleries. It is also a great opportunity for Polish, Regional and Local Tourist Boards as well as cities, municipalities, counties or voivodships to promote their regions. How you do it is up to you. Prepare a live cooking session, share photos or recipes, present regional producers or encourage your community to share photos of regional dishes. Sky is the limit! Remember to add hashtags to the materials you post: #WorldFoodTravelDayPoland and #WorldFoodTravelDay.

The cities of Sopot and Łódź as well as the Pomeranian and Mazovian Voivodships have declared their participation in the event. If you don’t join us, you will be missing out on a lot. Such activities not only provide excellent exposure, but above all build a relationship between the leaders of the regions, residents, restaurateurs and tourists.

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