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Tabun means a herd of wild horses, or a group of other wild animals, according to the Dictionary of the Polish Language. Tabun is also the name of a family-run haven in Otomin, near Gdańsk. The word “haven” best represents what Falkiewicz family has set out to accomplish: it includes a stud, agritourism farm, and a restaurant. Tabun complex offers perfect retreat, in the company of nature and kind people.

Located in Otomin, near Gdańsk, Tabun is a unique place created and run by one family. On their plot of land in Otomin, Barbara and Paweł Falkiewicz built a red-brick house, in Kashubian style. After that, horses appeared, because Paweł Falkiewicz had always dreamt of creating a small, Bieszczady-style ranch (Bieszczady is a picturesque mountain range located in the south-eastern part of Poland). Since one of the mares was pregnant, it quickly turned out that a stable needed to be built to somehow accommodate the entire herd. Today, their son Filip owns the riding club, and daughter Katarzyna – runs a sports association. She is also bronze medallist of Indoor Polish Cup in Show Jumping, trains horse riders, and horses. They are both responsible for everything related to equestrianism. It’s them you want to talk to if you would like to take a horse riding course, or spend a holiday in a saddle.

There are three stables located within the premises of Tabun complex, as well as an indoor riding arena that gives independence from weather conditions. In total, Tabun is 20 sports horses, and 20 raised for agritourism purposes.

The agritourist part of the complex  is private and gives a sense of intimacy. There are five rooms available for guests’ disposal that can accommodate up to 15 people. The accommodation price also includes bike and boat rental, which allows to spend time in nature, which there is plenty of around here. The surrounding areas are covered with forest, and Otomińskie Lake is nearby. The complex itself is 4 hectares of fenced area.

A restaurant is also located within the premises of the complex, which serves slow food cuisine. – Our suggestion is Polish cuisine, but with a modern twist. This shows in preparing dishes in a different fashion. How? By adding, for example, herbs and spices different than in the original recipes. This is how Morocco flavours can be found here. Our “Polish modernity” also includes serving parsley and lentil roast with mushroom gravy, not only pork knuckle or pork chops. Our cooking is very seasonal, this is why we change our menu four times a year. In addition, our menu insert changes daily – says the restaurant’s owner, Agata Falkiewicz-Ponikowska.

Organised events take place within the complex premises. These include weddings and dedicated events. Owners’ wish is to surprise their guests, this is why they organise meet-ups with theatre actors. Many renowned Polish actors performed in Tabun.

-What is our philosophy? – asks Barbara Falkiewicz. – We just enjoy our lifestyle, we love what we do. We live in our complex, it’s our family home, as well as family business. However, this doesn’t mean we won’t continue to develop. There is certain uneasiness in us that comes from the fact that we want to excel at what we do. Our path is a constant strive to perfection. The main criteria that we took when creating our business, were passion and heart. We know that we wanted our job to give us satisfaction. And this is how it works.

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