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It all began in 1996, when Grażyna and Leszek Onisiewicz purchased a mobile apiary with 32 bee families. Back then, enchanted by countryside landscapes, they already knew they wanted to exchange the city hustle & bustle for the magical landscapes of Central Pomerania (Pomorze Środkowe). Afterwards, everything happened by itself: the apiary, farmhouse, agritourism farm, and educational activity that lures guests from all across Europe.

Wędrowna Barć apiary consists of separate, modular hives. – As the name suggests, beekeeping is our main profession. During bee season, we travel around a 50 kilometre radius, harvesting varietal honey. This includes canola honey, which depending on the weather is 100% canola, or enriched with dandelion, a wild equivalent of multi-floral honey, with lime, clover, thistle, and cornflower, buckwheat honey with lime, or heather honey – say Grażyna and Leszek Onisiewicz.

Off-season, the apiary is located in an orchard near the farm, which is a typical farm from the mid-19th century. The entire farm was built using the characteristic, half-timbered system. It is here that the owners live.

-Bees lured us into the countryside – they laugh.

Today, their countryside is not only the apiary, but also an agritourism farm. The nearby, 19-th century house was adapted to serve as a guest house with apartments. The neighbouring area also encourages leisure: the 30 are area gives plenty of opportunities. You can sit, lay down, and relax like never before. In your spare time, you can also participate in lectures in an especially arranged “bee keeping room”. Glass hives and bee keeping tools can be found here, allowing to explore the secrets of bee keeping in detail by receiving first hand bee keeping lessons. The workshops are available for both organised groups as well as individuals.

However, this is not everything. In time, the apiary and agritourism were complemented by livestock, namely goats. They are the source of milk, which is required to produce local traditional products. Grażyna & Leszek Onisiewicz produce cheese. Among various of its kinds, there is the a la feta cheese, served in marinade with olives and sun-dried tomatoes. The offer also includes semi-hard pressed rennet cheese, as well as other kinds of cheese, ideal for spreads, and smoked cheese.

Do we need anything else? The honey-coated, countryside story of Onisiewicz family will prove a great source of inspiration, should you visit Central Pomorskie region and Wędrowna Barć apiary.


Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Pasieka Wędrowna Barć

Krzemienica 22, Słupsk

phone: +48 501 163 294 , 501 163 295

email: grazyna.onisiewicz@gmail.com


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