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Going to Poland by car? There is a fantastic trip you may take. Visit historic manors and palaces in the most picturesque parts of the Pomorskie region.

Are you going to Tricity and taking your car on the ferry? Or perhaps you are going to hire a car to travel through the region? You are probably going to visit the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork – the biggest Gothic castle in Europe inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List? That is great, but let us recommend you something more – revitalised historic manors and palaces restored to their former glory.

Castle in Krokowa

Situated 72 km north of Gdańsk, Krokowa near Puck is a village worth visiting because of its remarkable castle. Dating back to the times of the Teutonic Order, the former residence of the von Krockow (vel Krokowscy) family is the subject of many legends. Like every palace shrouded in mystery, the Krokowa Castle has its own White Lady – Luiza von Krockow, who promoted culture and art in the region.

Today, the restored three-winged palace houses a cosy hotel and a restaurant. The hotel is worth visiting especially during low season, when prices are even more attractive. The palace is open for visitors. In a former inn located nearby, there is Regional Museum with exhibits related to the Kashubians, the Germans and the Poles co-existing in the region for ages.

Wieniawa Spa & Wellness

Wieniwa Palace in Rekowo is another historic building near Puck, located close to Puszcza Darżlubska forest complex. It dates back to the 14th century, when the knight Ścibor from Krostkowo resided in the first palace located on a hill nearby. The second palace was built in a different place – in the centre of the village. After the Second World War, like many other places of residence of the aristocracy, the palace faded into oblivion. Only after the fall of communism, the building was restored. Today, it houses a four-star hotel, a spa centre, a swimming pool with saunas and a golf club (the golf course Sierra Golf Club is located 15 km from the palace).

Ciekocinko Palace

Located 86 km from Gdańsk, in the green land of Northern Kashubia. The story of the palace is the story of two families – Ewest and Koops. The estate dates back to the 14th century, whereas the palace was built in 1910. After the war, the building shared the fate of other palaces – it became a seat of PGR (State Agricultural Farm). In 2004, the palace was transformed by its new owner, and today, the five-star Ciekocinko Hotel Resort & Wellness Palace provides its guests with exceptional and highest-quality services. Apart from architecture, the palace is worth visiting because of food. 1906 Gourmet Restaurant will take you to the world of culinary delight. The palace also has a rich offer for those who like spending their time in an active way – for example, there is a horse stud there.

Manor in Salino

Following the same direction and going south, we reach a town called Salino. Dating back to the 18th century, the manor is located by the picturesque Salińskie Lake. Those who like the rustic style will absolutely love it. Staying on the farm, you will feel like an 18th-century nobleman. You may rent the whole manor and make yourself at home. In the house with a thatched roof, you may use the kitchen with a tiled stove, and in the estate, there is a barbecue shelter for guests. You may also make a bonfire. It is a perfect place for organised parties for large groups of people – family trips or team building events.

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