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Their plates were used for serving food on board of planes of the King of Spain and Vice-president of the USA, and the Dutch royal court ordered 60,000 thousand products with images of the entire royal family for a coronation ceremony. The Lubiana S.A. Chinaware Factory is one of the largest producers of porcelain in Poland, and one of the European leaders of the industry. Today, chinaware sets with the logo of this Kashubian company can be found all around the world.

It is not difficult to imagine, as today almost 80% of production goes for export to more than 40 countries, not only in Europe, but also on both American continents and Asia, including the wealthiest Arabic states.

The fatory in the Kashubian town of Łubiana manufactures 14,000 tonnes of wares annually. 3.5 million pieces of porcelain ware leave the factory each month.

It all began in the end of the 1960s in Łubiana, a holiday village located in one of the most picturesque parts of Pomorskie region, the Kashubian Lake District. Common sesne suggested that building a porcelain factory in such a small town, which moreover mostly attracted tourists because of its location by Graniczne lake. However, Kashubian tradition alone seemed to have said otherwise: the Kashubian town of Chmielno is the base of operations for the Necel family, who have for many years cultivated the traditional ceramic craft. So, the Łubiana-based company was destined to succeed, first as a state-owned company, and then a private enterprise.

The Lubiana S.A. Chinaware Factory specialises in production of thick-walled HoReCa porcelain tableware. Hotel brands all around the world, including the most famous hotel chains, supply themselves in the Kashubian company. Of course, their portfolio also includes individual customers, offering thin-walled home porcelain. The selection is vast, and customers often face a dilemma: which of the 3,000 decoration to choose? Or maybe order an individual ornament, trusting the company’s Polish, German, or Italian designers?

Production process in Lubiana Factory relies on advanced technology. The production hall is filled with top-notch robots and automated machines that work around the clock. Multi-axis robots allow for creating uncommonly shaped items, such as irregular polygons and ovals, or negative angles. In other words, everything that the modern industrial design lives and breathes with.

There is also abundance of simple and classic, but elegant shapes. And this is what made the Kashubian company so popular.

Porcelain is fired several times, which makes it  unabsorbable and nonporous, and the enamel – tough and resistant.

The wide range of eye-catching decorations is taken care of by experts. We will find both timeless classics, such as deep and humble, but effective, white, hand-painted and gilded collections created with particular occasions in thought (these include Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, weddings, etc.), or ornaments related to the beautiful Kashubian embroidery tradition. The offer of the company shop takes the breath away. Wares from Lubiana are an excellent idea for a perfect souvenir from a visit to Lubiana.

Porcelana Stołowa Lubiana Zakładowa 1, 83-407 Łubiana, Polska https://lubiana.com.pl/ lubiana@lubiana.pl + 48 58 687 07 72

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