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Surrounded by more than 10 hectares of forests, meadows, and fields where forest animals, and rare species of birds dwell. Located near the town of Bobowo in the picturesque region of Kociewie, the heart of Pomorskie. A 200-year-old, historical Polish hunting manor makes its guests feel at home.

Dwór Mysinek (Mysinek Manor) is one of the most original complexes of this type in Kociewie. It’s picturesque location among old forests of Pomorskie, original architecture, and unusual décor make a visit to Dwór Mysinek feel like a real journey to the 19th-century hunting manor. Wooden beds, ornamented curtains, astonishing, wooden, hanging staircases, or armchairs in which hunters would sit down in, smoking pipes after a tiresome chase… Dwór Mysinek is a peek into the past, both literally and figuratively.

Adam Protasiuk from Dwór Mysinek ensures that a trip to the manor is accompanied by numerous attractions. Historical reconstructions are organised on request. Guests can come up with their own scenarios if they wish so. Also, live history lessons take place. They are very popular among children and teenagers. A journey into the Middle Ages, to the times of medieval Polish knighthood, or lectures on the legendary hussars are an amazing experience of Polish national tradition.

Dwór Myślinek offers four rooms with single and double beds.

The kitchen serves traditional Polish food, and delicious treats from the mobile grill and smokehouse. Adam Protasiuk explains that this device allows for preparing a wide range of dishes, such as: smoked ham and fish, grilled meat, vegetables, etc.

The region itself, i.e. the heart of Kociewie, and Bobowo and its surroundings, offer incredible experience to anyone who would like to switch from “city” mode into “nature” mode. Forests, meadows, and nearby lakes allow to relax, unwind, and calm down. Cycling paths and forest walking routes will lure you and leave you craving more and more nature. Adam Protasiuk takes his guests on tours around the neighbourhood in a historical carriage, and during winter he organises sleigh rides. He also visits the historical fortified settlement in Owidz, and organises outdoor events in a forest facility nearby. After coming back, guests are eager to take a peek into the stables that are located within the complex. There are some that choose Dwór Mysinek because of its horses. A small horse riding school was established here, and horses will take you all around the picturesque Kociewie.

The rich offer of Dwór Mysinek is addressed to both individuals and organised groups. It is also an interesting idea for business meetings, integration, or for a trip with friends.

Dwór Mysinek Noclegi Dwór Mysinek, Bobowo, Polska https://www.dwormysinek.pl kontakt@dwormysinek.pl +48 661 075 972

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