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Do you want to relax surrounded by nature? Where your mobile phone doesn’t matter and connecting with loved ones or yourself is more important than wifi? Here are 5 venues in the Pomeranian region where you will experience slow life to the full.

The idea of slow life is close to us. The Pomeranian region is full of places that beg you to switch off your mobile phone and fully relax. The following facilities offer an experience of complete relaxation in the lap of nature. Enjoy!

Pałac Pod Bocianim Gniazdem – fairytale palace and horses

The main characters of this place are horses. The Pod Bocianim Gniazdem palace attracts horse riding enthusiasts – both beginners and more advanced ones. You can commune with these majestic animals here or simply watch them. The chateau itself is also impressive! The surroundings are idyllic and angelic, and the hosts are exceptionally dedicated to their passion of running such a facility. You will feel at home in the chateau. There is a family atmosphere and the food is simply delicious!

Pod Bocianim Gniazdem Palace is located in Runów, just 18 km from Lębork. A 20-minute walk from here will take you to the forest stop in Runowo. The Grodzisko Runowo Nature Reserve is also located nearby.

Folwark Jackowo – peace, quiet and dreamy accommodation by the greenhouse

It is a sensational place that belongs to the Manors and Palaces of Northern Kashubia trail. On the grounds of the manor you can enjoy agrotourism, which is run by two people – Anna and her daughter Nicole. It is a place full of warmth and family atmosphere, where you will soothe your nervous system and recharge your battery for a long time. The farm is located in the village of Jackowo, just a 30-minute drive from Łeba. It covers an area of 1500 hectares. Anna and Nicole additionally run a certified organic farm, which guarantees the quality of the products they serve to their guests.

You can stay here in one of the rooms, inspired by different sides of the world, or choose a room by the greenhouse with a view of the lush vegetation. In the morning, your hosts will welcome you with a delicious breakfast of homemade products and aromatic coffee. Afterwards, you can concentrate on what you love most: relaxing in peace. With your family, alone or among the animals.

There are pleasure horses on the grounds of the manor and a family of owls resides in the park. If you are lucky – early in the morning you will meet a wise owl that likes to rest on the sill of one of the windows. You will also be accompanied by 5 dogs, 10 cats and 20 hens. Great company!

Gościniec Zagaje – simply be, in silence

Gościniec Zagaje is a place in the heart of tranquillity, not far from Bytów.The hosts – Renta and Łukasz Gwara – invite you to this Kashubian paradise on earth. The Zagaje Guesthouse will meet the expectations of all those who want to slow down and crave tranquillity. You will look in vain for traces of civilisation here, while you will easily find – forests, lakes and hear the flutter of birds’ wings. And at night, the sky sparkles with stars…

Here you can just be, focus on yourself and your own breathing. Or take part in a mental spa for couples, sound therapy, aromatherapy in the sauna or forest baths.It is certainly a place where awareness rises and accumulated negative emotions fly somewhere far away.

Shuuumi Las Apartments in Chmielno

Can you hear the forest humming? In this flat, the sound of the forest will wake you up in the morning and put you to a sweet sleep.Because the sound of trees is one of nature’s most soothing sounds. When you add the croaking of frogs – you get the most beautiful music for your soul. The flat is located on a 25-hectare estate, which means full access to peace and tranquillity. You won’t meet any human neighbours here, but a curious hare, a few roe deer, a fox or a badger will.

The flat is decorated in a minimalist and naturalistic style. You will definitely feel blissful and comfortable here. Inside, there is a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare unhurried meals by yourself. You can also make use of the fireplace. It’s such a blissful paradise on earth….

Przystań Wygonin – book and wine with a view on the lake

Somewhere in the middle of dense forests and lakes, there is an ideal place on earth – a luxurious space on the border of Tuchola Forest and Kashubia. Wygonin Marina guarantees silence, peace, wild landscape and lack of civilisation. Here, in peace and quiet, you can read a book, drink warming tea or wine, or even write a novel. It is a place like from the movies or magical fairy tales, where time stops and thoughts have space to flow peacefully.

The two-storey flats will satisfy the tastes of discerning guests. They are luxurious and elegant. Inside you will find a bedroom, a bathroom with shower and a bathroom with bathtub, a well-equipped kitchen and a stylish living room. There is also a terrace with glass doors and access to the pier. The views from here are breathtaking!

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