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We have a few cold months ahead of us, so it’s worth reaching for products that can help us strengthen our immunity. We have done some research in the sector of healthy products from local producers to find our favourites. Vinegar, tea and honey have a beneficial impact on health, so make use of our recommendations and order products for yourself and your entire family.  

Chwastowe Pole – the vinegar chef Karol Okrasa fell in love with

Chwastowe Pole is a magical place in The Kashubian Lake District, run by Sylwia Piechowska, who has spent almost her entire life in the countryside, surrounded by wild flowers.  The need to be close to nature and the awareness of the potential that lies within weeds free from urban air contamination became an inspiration for Sylwia to create the ambrosia for our bodies – her own line of herbal cosmetics and food products. Among the range of Chwastowe Pole products, alongside natural cosmetics that we wholeheartedly recommend, you will also find some immunity-boosting products, such as live vinegars (e.g., blueberry, black elderflower, or mirabelle plum flavours). ‘Live’ in this case means unpasteurized, containing live cultures of bacteria. They are natural probiotics, supporting our body’s microbiome (including the beneficial bacteria). Let us just say that the best recommendation of Chwastowe Pole products is the fact that the mirabelle plum vinegar stole the heart of the famous chef Karol Okrasa, who visited Chwastowe Pole as part of our project.

Chwastowe Pole Rzemieślnicza 7, 83-316 Gołubie, Polska https://chwastowepole.com/ chwastowepole@gmail.com + 48 69 710 53 91

Miodolandia – the finest honeys straight from the Żuławy region

Karol Okrasa also followed us during the visit in the Miodolandia apiary. We don’t need to convince anyone about the numerous beneficial properties of honey. They are natural antibiotics that sweeten our lives and warm us up as a tea supplement. At Miodolandia apiary the range of honey types on offer is so diverse that everyone will find the perfect one(s) for themselves. We particularly recommend the classic – Miód Żuławski, which was awarded the Pearl of 2021 as the best regional product. For health benefits, it’s also worth reaching for bee bread and pollen, as well as cold-pressed honey extracted from entire honeycombs, thus preserving all the essential oils. It’s a pure honey essence that is precious for our bodies like liquid gold.

Apiary Miodolandia Stanisławowo 15, 83-020, Polska https://miodolandia.com.pl/ pasieka.miodolandia@gmail.com +48 664 863 318

Eco Elite – fermented foods, oils and pickles

Do you know how valuable fermented beet juice is for the body? Half a cup of this burgundy drink a day can work wonders for our immunity. It has quite an intense taste, so you need to get used to it, but after a few weeks of treatment, you will surely grow fond of it and it will put you on your feet much better than coffee. You can find good organic fermented juices in the product range offered by the family farm Eco Elite. Another concoction rich in natural probiotics is sauerkraut with carrots or celeriac, as well as oils: cold-pressed flaxseed or milk thistle oil. Eco Elite is a good place to stock up with products which will take care of your strength and good shape during winter season. You can place orders via their website or personally in Gdańsk at the Bazar Natury at the stall of Pomorska Manufaktura Smaków [Pomeranian Flavours Manufacture]

Kaszubskie Zioła [Kashubian Herbs] – may their force be with you

This is a family farm in The Kashubian Lake District, run by mother and daughter.  The farm comprises 5 hectares of forest and around 10 hectares of natural meadows.  The owners collect and process herbs by hand to preserve as many valuable ingredients as possible. Their range includes fermented beet juice, fruit jams, vinegars, honey and fortifying beverages. The beverages particularly attracted our attention, because of their   immunity boosting potential. There are various types – with nettle, parsley and cranberry.  Each has different properties, but all contribute to improving health condition and general well-being. At this time of the year we all crave a bit of sweetness more than ever – why not make it a guilt-free pleasure with one of the various natural syrups available, which contain only natural sugars and will fill our bodies with strength throughout the long winter months.

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