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The holidays are beautiful, but might be exhausting, so it’s worth treating yourself to a bit of relaxation afterwards. Our SPA centers in Pomorskie district offer high-quality time for body and soul. Here are a few tried and tested addresses where you can recharge your batteries for the new year. 

Amber Hammam Amber SPA – amber ritual 

There is no other place like it on the Pomeranian map, since at Amber Hammam they offer an innovative combination of hammam ritual with amber-based care. All within an oriental interior with a subtle amber glow. 

After the holidays, we recommend trying an incredibly relaxing 4-step care ritual consisting of: steam bath, skin cleansing and massage; on a heated table and in a soap foam. Hammam will help you reduce stress and restore balance. One emerges from the treatment feeling light as a cloud, with velvety-smooth skin. 

The second, equally attractive treatment is the chocolate ritual. It begins with a session in the steam bath and an intensive amber scrub. Thanks to such introduction, our skin will be ready to receive the precious ingredients of hot chocolate and oil. 

Amber Hammam Bernarda Chrzanowskiego 11, Gdańsk, Polska https://www.amberhammam.com recepcja@amberhammam.com +48 517 192 096
SPA in Gdańsk
Relaxation treatments at Amber Hammam

At Amber Hammam, there are two heated beds, so a massage can be conducted simultaneously for two people. Exclusive Amber Day Spa begins in the relaxation room and in the steam bath. Then, your bodies will be thoroughly cleansed with a Kessa glove scrub and massaged with olive foam. After the application of the amber mask, you will be massaged from head to toe with amber oil infused with gold, amber tincture and amber incense. The final step is amber compress for the back. Throughout the whole visit at the Amber Hammam you can help yourself to beverages, fresh fruit and a glass of Prosecco.

Five Senses Float SPA – floating sessions and massages

Like in the mother’s womb – that’s how floating can be described. An hour-long session of floating on water, also known as sensory deprivation therapy, will make you feel reborn. The session takes place in a special tank filled with water with a high concentration of Epsom salt, allowing you to effortlessly float on the surface. This unique experience lets you reach the state of complete muscle relaxation and mental rejuvenation. 

Five Senses float spa Norwida 4, Gdańsk, Polska https://fivesenses.pl/ info@fivesenses.pl +48 517 406 279

But Five Senses is not just floating sessions. Here, you can also take advantage of a rich selection of massages, including kobido, known as a natural facelift. Kobido massage will enhance the contour of your face and is a deeply relaxing experience. It’s a natural alternative to aesthetic medicine that stimulates collagen production, improves cellular metabolism and perfectly prepares your face for the New Year. 

For couples, we recommend the relaxation ritual. It’s a deeply relaxing package combining floating with classical massage. Through the sensory tank session you can unwind, release tension and prepare your body for a massage that will further strengthen the profound regeneration effect. 

Massage at Five Senses Spa
Relaxing treatments in Gdansk
SPA Pomerania Gdansk
Floating at Five Senses in Gdansk
Relaxing Massages at Five Senses in Pomerania

Star of the Sea Władysławowo – spa treatments for individuals, couples and children 

Star of the Sea is a family hotel located right by the sea in Władysławowo. A major advantage of this place is the spa overlooking the open sea, where you can choose from a wide range of professional face and body treatments, yield up your body and mind into the hands of masseurs and participate in a sauna session.

Gwiazda Morza Resort SPA&SPORT Hryniewieckiego 12A, Władysławowo, Polska https://www.gwiazdamorza.com/ rezerwacja@gwiazdamorza.com + 48 58 600 22 22

Which rituals are worth trying after the holidays? We recommend the Megan facial treatment by Skeyndor, combining three technologies:  HI-FREQ, Dermaboost and LED light. The treatment has a firming effect. If you wish to relax together with your significant other, choose the nearly 2-hour ritual for two called “Star of the Sea.” This romantic proposal consists of a welcome ritual, a scrub in the bath, aroma therapeutic bath and a relaxing massage. There is also a treatment available for the youngest guests – a 20-minute chocolate back massage for children. 

Child in the SPA Gwiazda Morza Władysławowo
Facial treatment in Pomeranian Władysławowo

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