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You can indulge in honey just as it is because it tastes wonderful on its own. However, when we add a bit of this liquid gold to our dishes, the result can exceed our expectations. Pomeranian restaurants and Pomeranian honey make a perfect duo. Where can you find these perfect combinations?

Pomeranian apiaries – Where to buy Pomeranian honey?

Honey in reasonable amounts is good for your health. It boosts our immunity, acts as a natural antibiotic and tastes delightful. Its properties and flavour depend on the variety. Some honeys are more intense, like buckwheat honey, while others are more subtle in flavour, like acacia honey. There are so many varieties that it’s worth trying a little of each until you find your favourite one. Pomeranian apiaries offer a wide selection of honey. You really have plenty of options! We recommend tasting the honey from Żuławy region: Miodolandia apiary in Stanisławów. We also have a wonderful Pasieka na Kaszubach apiary in Kashubian Lake District, where bees collect honey from Kashubian forests. Another wonderful place is the apiary of the Toporkiewicz family in Dzierzgoń. We are proud of our Pomeranian beekeeping traditions, which thrive thanks to the relatively cool climate and the richness of forests, woodlands and meadows.

Pomeranian restaurants and honey on a plate

Honey tastes great in desserts – that’s obvious, but it can also wonderfully enhance the flavour of savoury dishes. If we know what to pair it with and in what proportions, the result can pleasantly surprise us. It’s worth trusting the chefs who excel at these combinations. At “Tu można marzyć” restaurant, you can taste a cinnamon-honey cheesecake that melts in your mouth.

At “Biały Królik”, the restaurant being part of Quadrille hotel, you can try several items: cherry ice-cream drizzled with sumac-infused honey and honey as an addition to truffle sauce for pork. Honey is also added to cheesecake and combined with hazelnuts as an accompaniment to the cheese board.

At “Brovarnia” restaurant in the Gdańsk Hotel, you can savour honey-glazed ham, roasted in beer, served with new cabbage and potatoes with fresh dill. Meanwhile, at the “Tabun” restaurant, you can enjoy a tea infusion with citrus, cinnamon, cloves, anise, and honey. Honey is also added to the honey-mustard sauce, which pairs perfectly with ribs. Seasonal vegetables caramelized in honey often appear on the menu as well. Honey is also a classic ingredient in cakes and desserts. It’s worth mentioning that the honey at the “Tabun” restaurant comes from a local beekeeper – Jarek Pieniążek from Otomin.

Pomeranian restaurants and honey are a combination that we will never get bored with. If you are looking for unexpected flavours or simply want to sweeten your life a bit, take advantage of our suggestions and savour every bite and sip of these wonderful desserts, infusions and dishes.

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