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Nature knows how to create perfect shapes and forms. Combined with human gem-processing skills –  it brings into being the most exquisite jewellery. Here is Pomeranian jewellery inspired by nature, represented by women – Blanka Zimińska, who specialises in design based on natural feathers and Katarzyna Michalska, who works with amber.

Colourful feathers from Blanka Atelier – Pomeranian jewellery inspired by nature

Natural feathers are a perfect, nature-made work of art . Their colours, regular forms and flowing contours can be captivating. They are especially appreciated by self-confident women who are not afraid of colours and who like distinctive details. Feather earrings are a perfect complement to classic styling, upgrading them with sophistication and elegance. They can also enhance colourful and bold outfits, emphasizing your unique style. In both cases, you will surely not go unnoticed. That’s the essence of the Blanka Atelier brand – bold and self-assured, on one hand, as tranquil as nature and on the other – as colourful as a bird of paradise. Blanka Atelier has a wide range of jewellery collections, consisting of such elements as earrings, hair accessories, pins and necklaces. The feathers come from the natural shedding process and are acquired from birds kept by breeders.

Amber Miraculum – Pomeranian amber jewellery

We know very well that amber jewellery is special and specific. You either love it or you are not quite on the same wavelength. It is hard, however, to remain indifferent to it. Subtle amber glow harmonizes perfectly with our skin. It wraps us in warmth and elegance. That is what amber is like and so is the jewellery from Amber Miraculum. They have rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches and bracelets, set in gold or silver. Some are mesmerizing with their simple form, while others are adorned with elaborate shapes. The jewellery designers are artists from the National Amber Chamber of Commerce of Gdańsk, including a true amber enthusiast – Katarzyna Michalska, who has been working with amber for 10 years. The adventure that began with a chance encounter with an amber gatherer continues to this day and has resulted not only in jewellery making but also in a whole amber-related business. Katarzyna Michalska conducts workshops with “Baltic Gold” as the main theme, founded “Jantark” – a children’s theatre, and organized motorcycle trips for women along contemporary amber routes. Occasionally, she runs workshops, such as “cheerful weekends in a cabin” with yoga on amber mats, massages with amber nuggets and the creation of amber mandalas, as well as plans to open the “Jurata Princess Corner,” a sensory playground with amber searching and amber workshops. Her whole life revolves around amber.

Amber Miraculum Katarzyna Michalska

Create your own amber souvenir – creative workshops, part of Pomorskie Tours

This is a real treat for fans of “do it yourself” workshops. A very fun part of Pomorskie Tours entitled “Immerse Yourself in Pomorskie region!” is, among other things, amber workshops run by Katarzyna Michalska from Amber Miraculum. During the workshops, you will learn more about the history and origin of Baltic amber, find out how to tell if it is genuine, how to obtain it and create your own amber souvenir, such as an elegant brooch, keyring, or wooden and amber bookmark. Sign up for the workshops today.

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