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If you are looking for a place to leisurely savour high-quality food made with ingredients from local farmers, we highly recommend Winne Grono. This inconspicuous restaurant in the heart of Wrzeszcz holds true treasures within its walls, because besides excellent food you can also taste craft liquors there, including the famous Goldwasser – vodka containing real gold flakes. Winne Grono is a very good restaurant in Gdańsk.

Winne Grono Restaurant Mikołaja Kopernika 17A, Gdańsk, Polska https://www.winnegrono.com.pl restauracja@winnegrono.com.pl +48 602 218 817

Real food with the Native Breed certificate

Winne Grono is a French restaurant, but its French character is not limited to serving only French dishes. Of course, they do serve them, along with French wines, but you can also enjoy the cuisine from various parts of the world: Greek, African, or Polish. French-like approach here means working with high-quality products from local farmers and a tribute to genuine, unprocessed food. Winne Grono was the first restaurant in Poland to receive the Native Breed quality mark for its meat dishes. In this restaurant you can taste meat from animal breeds perfectly adapted to local climatic conditions and bred in small, family farms, following a multi-generational tradition.

European cuisine, delicious food, excellent wine – a good restaurant in Gdańsk

The menu at Winne Grono is inspired by the seasons and the rhythm of nature. We recommend following their Facebook profile to see the current menu. Right now, you can enjoy dishes like Koluda goose broth with egg-drop noodles, creamy French fish soup or a goat soup. There are shrimps in a wine-butter emulsion, fried goat cheese with spinach, walnuts and honey, as well as buttery French tart. You can also taste dumplings with Koluda goose, traditional Königsberg goat meatballs and grilled lamb koftas made from old Polish merino breed, served on a tabbouleh salad. The greatest advantages of these dishes are good ingredients and simplicity.

Gdańsk Historical Flavors Distillery – Gdansk liqueurs made the same way like centuries ago

Likiery gdańskie w restauracji winne grono

In Winne Grono you can taste Gdańsk liqueurs created according to the old, original recipes, as well as cocktails based on them. Discovering and recreating historical flavours is Arkadiusz Onasch’s second passion. Here you can get the famous Goldwasser, but also the herbal&fruity Krambambuli, produced in Gdańsk for at least 200 years. Some claim it is an excellent remedy for various ailments of the body, such as headaches or… shyness. It certainly works as a perfect ice-breaker. On the menu of old flavours there is also the intensely orange Pomeranzen, which pairs perfectly with chocolate desserts or goose. Machandel, the “ancestor” of gin, was the most popular drink in Gdansk. It is drunk in shot glasses, after biting into a smoked plum, making it a certain ritual of tasting this drink. Another thing worth trying is Kurfürsten liqueur, an intense but sweet bitter that is not only tasty but also supports digestion. The base for all these beverages is pure spelt spirit, as well as genuine, hand-crushed herbs and natural fruits.

A man full of faith in good taste

From the beginning, Winne Grono has been managed by Arkadiusz Onasch, known in the Tricity for his passion for traditional cuisine and the creation of liquors according to old Gdańsk recipes. He used to run a restaurant in the “Pod Łososiem” tenement house, where since 1598, a Dutch Mennonite created a liqueur factory and an inn called “Der Lachs” (translated as  “The Salmon”). Among other things, he produced the famous vodka with 22-carat gold flakes – Goldwasser. And although Winne Grono has changed its location, the spirit of the “Pod Łososiem” tenement still lingers within.

Winne grono restaurant is open from Friday to Sunday.

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