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The Christmas Market is officially open. In the beautiful surroundings of The Old Town, in the Targ Węglowy area you can buy presents and try delicious food. It is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe, a magical Christmas town where even Lucek, the elk can speak the human language and the real Santa brings presents. Admission is free, but for some of the attractions you need to pay extra.

Christmas Market in Gdansk

From November 24th until the 23rd of December Targ Węglowy transforms into a holiday-themed place so that all the city inhabitants could sense the Christmas vibe. The Christmas spirit literally pours out from every corner – there is a Christmas stage, illuminated gates, spinning coasters, giant elves and the parade of Christmas characters.

The official opening of Gdansk Christmas market

The opening ceremony was held on November 25th at 4.00 pm. The actors and stilt walkers of  Gdański Archipelag Kultury theatre appeared on the stage along with children to perform various scenes and celebrate the beginning of the Christmas market with all visitors. This Christmas show each year attracts huge crowds of city inhabitants and tourists.

You can’t miss it – come and see the magic with your own eyes. The illuminated characters eagerly interact with visitors. Do not be startled when a good angel smiles at you and strokes your hair.

The Christmas market – the local craftsmanship and great food

What can you expect to see this year at The Christmas market? There are over 80 stands with handicraft products where you can buy gifts for your family, friends and for yourself.

We recommend looking for Christmas presents in the artsy corner of Zbrojownia Sztuki i Rękodzieła [The Armoury of Arts and Crafts]. This is a space where artists and craftsmen display their products, often unique items, which are only available during the Christmas market.

In turn at Targ Węglowy – the central part of the market there is a gastronomic zone, where you can taste various dishes from all around the world. Among the Christmas stands you can also find a VR simulator of Santa’s sleigh and so called spinning coasters. The adrenaline seekers will be thrilled.

The magical photo scenery

Both the youngest as well as a little older visitors will certainly enjoy the carousel, which, although open all year round, is, in our humble opinion the most beautiful right now, during the winter season. Don’t forget to take a photo in this scenery to keep a souvenir of your visit.

The Christmas market in Gdansk is not only Targ Węglowy. It’s a good idea to stroll along the brightly illuminated streets – Przedbramie, Bogusławskiego and Tkacka. There you can also find Christmas stands and thousands of lights, illuminating the whole city. If you would like to see the Christmas panorama of Gdank from a bird’s eye view, go up and look at it from the Amber Sky wheel. Another place to visit is the Motława river embankment – beautiful views await you also at Targ Rybny [The Fish Market].

One of the biggest attractions of the market is the Advent Calendar, which each year attracts to Gdansk crowds of curious tourists. Every day, from December 1st until December 24th at Targ Weglowy one of the windows of the Calendar will open, revealing a Christmas surprise.

Beautiful scenery in the Christmas Market in Gdansk

Artistic performances and all night fun

For all fans of entertainment and culture there are workshops, concerts, performances and animations, for children and adults and each evening a DJ will play dance music.  The Christmas market is also a perfect opportunity to dance with friends and have a romantic dinner with holiday illuminations in the background.

Concert Tuesdays will be a time when music bands will present the Christmas-themed repertoire. On Singing Wednesdays for those willing to grab a microphone and sing Christmas carols there will be Christmas karaoke. On Thursdays you can take part in a magical surprise activities for and eye and ear, featuring such attractions like Teatr Ognia [The Fire Theatre] and fable-reading with Teatr Wybrzeże. Fun Fridays are – in the early afternoons animations with Wykrzyknik Academy of Fun and Education and, in the evenings – dance parties for adults. On Surprising Saturdays there will be a mixture of Christmas attractions: singing with Santa for Fundacja Hospicyjna charity and on Family Sundays – spectacles and carol singing.

When Lucek the elk speaks with a human voice

The legend has it that on the Christmas Eve you can hear animals talk. At midnight they start sharing with humans their thoughts they can only express in human language once a year. In the past it was believed that you should avoid eavesdropping on animals that night, as you could hear some bad news. Fortunately, today we approach the legend with more easy-going attitude and talking animals are rather a reason to feel amused than scared.

The talking elk is a regular guest at The Gdansk Christmas market – it already has a big group of fans.  Lucek, the elk tells jokes, entertaining the visitors who gather around. Sometimes he just rests, saying nothing, just to amuse the listeners with a funny joke.

Lucek the elk speaks with a human voice

Christmas illuminations in Gdansk

Each year during the Christmas period the streets of various parts of Gdansk are illuminated with bright lights. This year you can see them at The Christmas Market, but also in Kuźniczki Park in Wrzeszcz, on Zielony Most [The Green Bridge], in Stągiewna street, in Oliwa Park, Heweliusz Square and Kobdziej Square, in Jan Paweł II Park, along the Brzeźno promenade, in Orunia Park and at Świętopełk Square.

Christmas markets in 2023 in other towns in Pomorskie region

Gdansk is not the only city that has its Christmas market. Other Christmas markets will be held in the places listed below at the follwing dates: Wejherowo  at Jakuba Wejhera Square (6-23.12), Bytów at the main town square (4-10.12), Chojnice at Stary Rynek street (8-10.12), Puck at Stary Rynek street (9-10.12), Owidz in Grodzisk Owidz (3.12), Tczew at Hallera Square (9-10.12), Stara Kiszewa in Gminna Hala Sportowa (9.12) and in Kartuzy main town square (9-17.12).

Magical Christmas towns

Although The Gdansk Christmas Market is the biggest and the with longest tradition of them all, other towns in Pomorskie offer the magical holiday atmosphere of their own. We recommend visiting them in December in order to discover some regional delicacies and get to know the local manufacturers. The small towns of Pomorskie region have their original charm and adorned with thousands of bright lights look like places from a fairy tale.

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