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Dębki off-season are a true paradise. The empty beaches are stunningly beautiful with the soothing sound of sea waves and the Piaśnica River is great for autumn kayak trips. There is another reason to visit Dębki after the summer holidays are over: the opportunity to peacefully explore the menu at Chyba Ryba Bistro.

During the peak season, in July and August, it is hard to get a table at Chyba Ryba Bistro. That is why, for those who prefer tranquility, we recommend a visit to Dębki in the autumn.  It is definitely less crowded and the autumn menu offers plenty of delicious and unique dishes.

As the owners of Chyba Ryba Bistro, Kamil Kowalski and Paweł Winiarczyk, admit, it’s only in the autumn that they have time to catch their breath and create a menu that follows the seasonal path. The mushroom soup (made from mushrooms from nearby Białogóra forest), cheeses from Kaszubska Koza and the signature warming infusions will make a long-awaited comeback to the menu.

“At the beginning of October, our restaurant switches to the weekend mode. We are open on Saturdays and Sundays, offering guests autumn flavours in classic style and a bit bolder version. We have our classics like fish and chips or pork knuckle, but there will also be dishes that were not on the menu during the summer,” says Chef Paweł.

In addition to the regular menu, which will showcase the autumn treasures like mushrooms, pumpkins, as well as cornus or sea-buckthorn, the chefs also plan to introduce “special dishes.” These will change every weekend and be available in limited quantity. Their presence on the menu depends, for example, on whether local fishermen had a successful catch.

“It’s always worth trying our off-menu dishes, like Baltic salmon. Our friendly fishermen live just three houses away, so as soon as they call to let us know about freshly caught fish, we immediately put it on the menu. Apart from salmon, we manage to get turbot, flounder and sometimes fresh herring,” says Chef Kamil.

Besides the changing dishes, Chyba Ryba Bistro has its signature dishes that appear in every variant of the menu (it changes four times a year). As Paweł puts it:  “the trademark of our restaurant is herring marinated in citrus fruit juice served on potatoes and the pork knuckle, which we serve in our unique way – these dishes are never absent from our menu.”

During an autumn visit to Chyba Ryba Bistro, we try the famous herring, with its citrusy, refreshing notes beautifully complemented by parsley oil. Next we try a fried, juicy cod with crispy skin, served with mashed potatoes and a crunchy white radish salad with lime dressing, exemplifying simplicity and harmony of flavours.

Finally, the pork knuckle arrives, which – just like the chefs told us – looks and tastes completely different from what we usually expect when ordering this type of meat. The pork knuckle at Chyba Ryba Bistro is a lean, succulent treat, roasted with an incredible umami-rich demi-glace sauce. With mashed potatoes and delightful beets marinated in black elderberry it creates a magnificent feast. If the word “pork knuckle” makes you cringe, try this wonder – you won’t regret it.

You can’t leave Chyba Ryba Bistro without trying their famous dessert: Baileys cream meringue with blackcurrant mousse. The dessert tastes exactly as it sounds – it’s delicious.

After such a feast, there’s only one direction to go – the sea! And a long stroll along a beautiful, empty beach.

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