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If you are looking for something between cooking at home and dining out at a restaurant, there it is – spots in the city, where you can (learn how to) cook in a fun way and in good company. In these places, you will unscover the secrets of top chefs and then you can enjoy the dishes you made with self-satisfaction and delight. Introducing: Pomeranian culinary workshops that you will love, no matter if you are a child or an adult.

K5 Culinary Academy by Kamil Sadkowski – Pomeranian culinary workshops

In this academy you will find your path to culinary perfection. Whether you like it hot or sweet, whatever your motivation may be – whether you want to impress your significant other or cook deliciously for the whole family – K5 is the right address. The offer includes a variety of culinary workshops: for children and teenagers, for amateurs and professionals. So, if you want to pass on the love for cooking to your child or improve your own skills, you have found the right place. And there are plenty of options: from a plant-based feast to quick and simple dinners, African cuisine or steaks. You will learn how to bake perfect bread and uncover the secrets of top chefs. 

Family Sundays at Arche Dwór Uphagena – great time spent cooking together

At Arche Dwór Uphagena you can spend a family Sunday cooking together. Nothing strengthens bonds like inviting family members to make meals together. In the process, children will learn the basics of cooking and discover that cooking can be great fun. The workshops are very diverse and their topics sound appealing, especially for the youngest participants. So far, we have had Sundays dedicated to: pasta, cheesecake, mustard and hot dogs, pizza and colourful sweets.

The Kitchen at Stacja Food Hall – Pomeranian cooking learning space

Here, you can organize culinary meetings for small and large groups. You can arrange corporate team-building events: culinary workshops or live cooking events. You can also explore the concept of food and beverage pairing. Organize unique birthdays for children or adults or taste dishes from your favourite chef. The possibilities are endless, the only limit being your own imagination. The Kitchen’s space certainly fosters culinary dreams.

Skoma Food Club – become a Master Chef

This is a club for enthusiasts of the good life, for those who enjoy savouring and experimenting in the kitchen. With Skoma Food Club, you will learn the secrets of the cuisine of your dreams. The range of workshops offered at Skoma is extensive, and in the current timetable you can find themes such as old Gdansk recipes, Korean, Baltic, or Egyptian cuisine. You will learn how to make pickled vegetables, authentic Italian or Asian pasta and the best Italian dumplings under the sun. 

Atelier Smaku – Jola Słoma & Mirek Trymbulak – gluten-free and vegan workshops

This is the best address for those who, for various reasons, want or need to eat gluten-free and vegan food. The workshops, held in an intimate kitchen in Gdynia Orłowo, are designed for both amateurs and professionals looking to enhance their plant-based cooking skills. The workshop topics are diverse, ranging from grilling to street food, burgers and sauces, warming soups, sweet pastries to vegan and gluten-free Christmas dishes. With Jola Słoma and Mirek Trymbulak, you can also learn online, without leaving your own kitchen.

WypiekAna will teach you to bake delicious cakes and sweets – Pomeranian pastry workshops

This recommendation is especially attractive for dessert lovers. WypiekAna is well-known for its fabulous and delicious  cakes created on request. Fortunately, she does not want to keep all the secrets of these heavenly treats to herself. You can learn a lot from WypiekAna, especially during her pastry workshops held in her studio. Do you want to learn how to make delicious cakes? Or perhaps meringues or modern mono-portion desserts? Sign up for WypiekAna’s workshops today to pleasantly surprise your family with your baking skills on a festive occasion. 

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