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Pomorskie has its own star! It went to the Arco by Paco Pérez restaurant from Gdańsk. Great success was also achieved by the Eliksir restaurant, which was the only one in Poland to be awarded a green star. But that’s not all, as a total of 19 restaurants received the honor. We encourage you to plan a culinary journey through Pomorskie along the Micheline Guide trail. You will certainly enjoy it!

Micheline star for Arco by Paco Pérez restaurant

Gdańsk was exceptionally recognized in the guide, as Michelin inspectors honored as many as 11 restaurants here. This is a very big success. The highest honor, as one gold star, which is a confirmation of exceptionally good cuisine, was awarded to Arco by Paco Pérez restaurant.

This is a unique place for several reasons. First – it is run by acclaimed Spanish chef Paco Pérez, who also has other restaurants in major European cities. The Gdańsk one is not the only one awarded a Micheline star. Paco Pérez’s restaurants have already earned a total of 5 stars. Secondly – the Arco by Paco Pérez restaurant is located on the 33rd floor of the Olivia Star Top, offering a view of the entire city. Third and most importantly – you will taste really good cuisine here, which some people describe as – for connoisseurs. A visit to Arco by Paco Pérez is certainly a unique culinary experience that you won’t soon forget. This is a restaurant for special occasions with a tasting menu – meat or vegetarian.

And right next door, as both places share a common kitchen and the same owner you will find Treinta y Tres restaurant, which also boasts great distinction, as it has received the Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand Restaurants distinction, which means good value for money. They serve Spanish cuisine here, based on local and Spanish ingredients. The style of the place is still elegant, although definitely less obliging than at Arco by Paco Pérez. We recommend it for meetings with friends and a date with your soulmate.

Green star and recommendation for Eliksir

This is a great honor, especially since Eliksir is the first restaurant in Poland to receive a green star. What does it mean? In a nutshell – sustainable gastronomy. This is a new distinction, as it has only been awarded since 2020, and it’s not easy to get. Our local restaurant Eliksir succeeded in doing so, which fills us with pride – especially since Eliksir is among the partners of the Pomorskie Prestige project, and we always take great pleasure in recommending their offerings.

What made Eliksir captivate Micheline? First of all, good cuisine, which earned it a place on the guide’s list of recommended restaurants. The green star, on the other hand, was awarded to the restaurant for, among other things, implementing practices that reduce waste. At Eliksir, nothing that can be reused can go to waste! Here, cooking oil is recycled as fuel, and citrus peels find their place in tinctures and syrups. The choice of suppliers is not random either – Eliksir relies on those who offer a good product and share a similar philosophy of sustainability.

Eliksir is also famous for its foodpairing of food and cocktails. It is the first restaurant in Poland to spread this idea on such a large scale. When visiting Eliksir, we recommend taking advantage of this opportunity, as it is a profound journey through a variety of flavors.

Pomorskie restaurants honored by Michelin Guide

When planning a culinary journey along the Micheline trail, you will have plenty to choose from. We, of course, recommend visiting each of the recommended places, but we do not hide the fact that it will require more logistics because there are as many as 19 of them!

Let’s start with Gdansk, which reigns supreme in the number of accolades – in addition to the winners Arco by Paco Perez and Eliksir, be sure to plan a visit to: Mercato Hotel Hilton, Piwna47, Fino, Niesztuka Ritz, True, Tygle, Treinta y Tres and Hewelke. When visiting Sopot, enjoy excellent cuisine at Fisherman, 1911 Restaurant, Vinissimo, Cafe Xander and L’Entre Villes. In Gdynia, Butchery & Wine Gdynia and Oberża 86 await you. There is also one restaurant, a real gem in the list, which stole our heart because it is a voice from the region – Luneta & Lorneta Bistro Club in Ciekocinko Palace.

We wish you an exceptionally delicious culinary experience along the Micheline Guide route!

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