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Want to experience an unforgettable adventure in the Pomorskie? Are you looking for a unique experience – for a date, a meeting with friends, a weekend with family or time just with yourself? You’ve come to the perfect place, because that’s exactly what we do. We keep up to date with our region’s offerings and test them on our own, so that we can then recommend the best experiences to you. 

What do you choose – a picnic in a grassland or a culinary spectacle?

Pomorskie Prestige is an official project of the Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization. Our goal is to promote the region through experiences. Because this is the style of travel that is closest to us – authentic, dynamic and full of experiencesAnd there is plenty to choose from! All the experiences we recommend are encapsulated in the slogan “Feel more”. Because you can feel more in many ways: taste, smell, relaxation, music, adrenaline, summer, sports and even love.

Imagine having a picnic in a forest glade with your other half or the whole family. Such an experience is offered, for example, by one of our Partners – the Palace under the Stork’s Nest. Or maybe you want to travel the trail of Michelin – the most respected culinary guide in the world? In the Pomeranian region we have as many as 19 distinguished restaurants, including one marked with a gold star (Arco by Paco Pérez), which offers an unforgettable culinary spectacle. Or would you like to enjoy a craft brew in the heart of Gdansk? You’ll find it at the Brovarnia Hotel Gdansk or the PG4 restaurant of the Central Hotel. Looking for the oldest restaurant in Gdansk – we know it! Or maybe you want to jump into the Tuchola Forest and stay for a while at Notera Hotel Spa with an unearthly view of Lake Charzykowskie? Are you looking for a Gdansk restaurant with a beautiful view? Or maybe you want to have a royal breakfast? Go ahead!

Feeding animals by hand and a trip to the swamps for cranberries

We are looking for the kind of experience that will turn our trip into the trip of a lifetime. Because this style of travel – through experience – is closest to us. Do you dream of learning horseback riding from scratch? Or maybe you want to see professional equestrian competitions held annually at the Sopot Hippodrome? We also have beautiful golf courses in Pomerania and events such as the Mera Spa Golf Cup, where you will not only learn to play golf, but also meet professional players from all over Europe and spend time with the whole family.

In Pomorskie you’ll learn about the ancient principles of flour extraction in the historic windmill “U Mlynarza” in Mokry Dwór, bake regional Kashubian kukle with your host Karola Bober, stroke goats and feed from your hand in the Zwierzaki nad Potokiem, who live to a peaceful old age with good-natured hosts. With us you’ll taste real Kashubian strawberries, eat traditional kashubian “ruchanki” and go to the marshes in search of cranberries together with Halina Roginska from Kościerska Chata. We know where in Pomerania you’ll taste the best cheeses, honey or cured meats. We know the places where they serve the best goose meat. And with great pleasure we recommend the perfect fish! We share all this on the pages of our portal and on social media.

Find experiences and feel more

We write texts, do photo shoots, publish podcasts and ebooks – all these activities are united by one goal – we want to show you the best experiences in the region. Because we know that Pomerania has great potential. On our website you will find a search engine of recommended experiences and a calendar of selected Pomeranian events. The kind that will bring something more to your life. We are constantly growing, so these experiences and events will be more numerous. Keep an eye on our website and social media so you don’t miss anything. We are also open to your voice, so feel free to share your most beautiful Pomeranian experiences in the comments under our posts.

We also encourage you to visit our sister project, where you will find an offer of one-day guided tours of our region – Pomorskie Tours

We wish you an unforgettable Pomorskie experience with #PomorskiePrestige!

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