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Easter in Tricity will be delicious and will stay in your memory for a long time. The chefs of Tricity restaurants made sure that what they serve is, as always, inspiring and tasty!

We start with a visit to the beautiful Sopot villa, built in 1903. Sławomir Hahn, the chef of restaurant, has been in charge of L’Entre Villes for the past eight years. As Agnieszka Aniołowska, deputy restaurant manager, says: “At L’Entre Villes, the chef draws on the European, French and Mediterranean cuisine inspirations, based on fresh Polish products from trusted suppliers.” The Easter offer of the restaurant is a traditional Easter Sunday breakfast and an Easter supplement, enriching the a’la carte menu. During the Easter week, guests will be able to try, among other things, sea trout with green onion puree accompanied by cauliflower with pepper jelly and lemon-butter sauce or rabbit saddle  with herby crumble, lemon noodles, pickled yellow beetroot and stuffed cabbage with bacon and tomatoes.

Easter in Tricity must of course feature the key ingredient – eggs!  At the M15 restaurant in Sopot, chef Adrian Gabryszak created a delicious, panko-coated egg burger. The crispy burger is a ideal accompaniment  for monkfish baked with lard, braised cabbage, and light-as-a-cloud (thanks to the addition of egg yolks) butter&mustard sauce. The dish is a reference to classic Kashubian flavours – pomuchel (cod) with bacon and braised cabbage. The Easter menu will be served throughout the whole week. M15 also offers the Easter catering menu, which, in addition to traditional Easter items, includes many interesting meatless options, such as żurek (sour rye soup) with baked apple, lentil or bean pate with apple.

Rybaki Tavern is a seaside restaurant specializing in fish dishes. In the Easter period, a special supplement will be added to the regular menu, including such gourmet dishes as: rabbit pate with pistachios served on challah bread, horseradish cream with smoked bacon bits, pork tenderloin with potato gratin and mustard sauce and apple pie on yeast dough with salted caramel ice cream. Rybaki Tavern also serves a rich selection of smoked meats – ranging from raw white sausage with wild garlic to smoked shrimps or smoked salmon sausage.

The star of the Easter menu (or should we say Spring menu, as its premiere falls on the first day of spring) of White Marlin restaurant is the wonderful sorrel soup: perfectly smooth, fluffy, with perfectly balanced flavours. The acidity of sorrel is complemented by the sweetness of white root vegetables and the smoked salmon with mashed potatoes provide a salty note. The soup would not be complete without the Easter essential ingredient: an egg, whose creamy yolk enhances its flavour. There is also an option with smoked bacon or the vegan version, with marinated tofu and baked potatoes. Chef Tomasz Purol, who has been in charge of the restaurant for a year, also recommends a light, colorful Niçoise salad: “The main component is tuna marinated in thyme-flavoured oil. It is combined with new French potatoes, Kalamata olives, crispy lettuce, green beans and classic French vinaigrette dressing” – he adds.

During the Easter period, Fisherman restaurant is open only to hotel guests, but its regular customers can still enjoy its amazing cuisine, as the restaurant offers the Easter catering menu, created by chef Rafał Koziorzemski. It includes wheat, rye and carob bread, and, obviously, various fish dishes, which Fisherman is famous for! You can order the fantastic trout terrine with dill mayo, the legendary trout tartare with marinated mushrooms, or the herring in cream with onion and apple. We tried the herring – it is incredibly delicate and soft, not too salty, as is often the case with herring in a blanket. The secret to this dish is that at Fisherman, it is made from scratch, with a specially seasoned brine. Apart from fish dishes, the catering menu includes classics such as sour rye soup with smoked sausage, duck leg or pork cheeks in horseradish sauce.

Easter in Tricity will be delicious, but it is up to us whether to stick with the tried and tested classics or go wild with modern interpretations of Easter dishes.

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