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Who said SPA is only for women? We all know that not just the prettier half of the population likes to visit the SPA.  More and more male visitors come to SPA centres to get a massage or a beauty treatment, wishing to maintain the best possible body, skin and hair condition. Not just gyms or fitness centres are gaining popularity – so are SPA centres, particularly those offering a range of services dedicated specifically for women, men and even children. Where can men-dedicated SPA packages be found? Here are five places in Pomorskie region which offer SPA packages tailored specially for men.

Sheraton Sopot  – Spa Experience at the seaside

The Sheraton Sopot Hotel is a perfect place for those who value comfort, high-quality service and beautiful views. The Spa Experience is an exceptional place to relax. Here the guests will find relaxation for both their bodies and senses and fully regain their vigour. Among the pools, saunas, steam baths and jacuzzis everyone will find something they like best.

In Sheraton there is a pool where one can try hydrotherapy, a great way to nurture the body and mind with new energy, balance the pH of the skin, and correct bio-energetic deficiencies. The water in the hydro-pool contains an admixture of the famous Sopot salt, known for its many beneficial properties. Thanks to special jets, specific body parts such as the neck, back, or legs can be massaged. Such hydrotherapy is perfect for relaxing and relieving fatigue after intense physical training and for alleviating mental tension.

A rich SPA offer, including a wide range of relaxing and beauty treatments, will certainly result in deep relaxation, while a visit to a well-equipped gym and taking part in fitness classes will provide a daily dose of exercise, allowing guests to maintain good shape even during their vacation. 

The SPA offer at the Sheraton includes treatments and packages tailored to the needs of men’s skin and body. In the offer for men there are face treatments, such as the 55-minute “Intense Glow” brightening ritual,  which aims at restoring healthy and radiant appearance of the skin. “Men’s Package”  is an interesting solution: a 110-minute treatment combining the Men’s Facial Treatment and Deep Tissue Massage, providing relaxation and tension reduction to the muscles and regeneration of the entire body.

SPA Gwiazda Morza Institute in Władysławowo  – detox in natural surroundings

Gwiazda Morza Resort SPA&SPORT is a unique facility located in a beautiful and peaceful coastal area of Poland. It offers comprehensive SPA services, sport facilities and relaxation zone in stunning natural surroundings.

The SPA institute provides everyone with access to nurturing treatments that are precisely tailored to their individual needs. Since the SPA menu is not divided into male and female treatments,  but is rather unisex in its range, every guest will find something perfectly suiting their preferences.

Gwiazda Morza invites men to experience special treatments that will help moisturize the skin, eliminate roughness and reduce the feeling of tension. Meanwhile, rejuvenating therapies will help alleviate the signs of fatigue and stress, which will improve the appearance and general condition of facial skin. The offer includes face and body care with the use of organic and vegan cosmetics, as well as unique treatments inspired by beauty and traditions from around the world, such as Japan, Bali, Sicily and Scandinavia. In addition, men can take advantage of a wide range of massages: Balinese, Malaysian or hot stone massage. 

Men who visit the SPA institute can choose from a variety of ways to relax and unwind. They can try out various relaxation ceremonies, combined with soothing sauna oils. In addition to that, the offer includes a range of specialized treatments, such as rejuvenating therapies or detox by the sea. All of this in the ambience of the calming waves of the Baltic Sea, which will further contribute to improved well-being and relaxed body and mind.

Five Senses Floating Spa in Gdansk – therapy of floating on water

Five Senses is one of the few Day Spas in Gdansk that offers both classic treatments and floating sessions. Apart from traditional SPA rooms, there are two floating chambers here.

Floating, or therapy of floating on water, providesa natural renewal for the body and mind. The pool in the cabin is filled with saltwater at a temperature similar to that of the human body. It contains a therapeutic solution of EPSOM salt, which provides optimal buoyancy and has a beneficial effect on health and well-being. During the session no external stimuli reach the body, allowing one to enter a state of deep relaxation. During the session, the human body floats on the water like in the Dead Sea.  After such therapy a person feels an overwhelming sensation of serenity , the body becomes lighter, as in a state of weightlessness. Muscles and joints completely relax.  Back, neck and joint pain disappear. Functioning of both brain hemispheres synchronizes, tension and stress dissolve without a trace. A 60-minute floating session results in reaching a similar state of relaxation as  during four hours of deep sleep.

Five Senses is a place created for people who value comfort and professionalism, who are looking for a SPA of the highest standard in the vicinity of their own home. Here, they can find time for relaxation and self-care, taking advantage of the rich range of  medical, therapeutic and anti-stress massages.

Sopot Marriott Resort & SPA – Mera SPA with a rooftop pool

Mera Spa is a tested address where you can expect a rich, diverse, and high-quality offer of treatments. Here, gentlemen will receive a guidance on what treatments will be best to help them relieve tension and reach a state of deep relaxation. Men can relax in a spacious Wellness zone with indoor pools, a sauna zone, an outdoor jacuzzi, and a hotel rooftop pool, from which you can admire the sea view.

Mera Spa stands out for its rich and diverse offer. It also offers a specially prepared “Men’s Spa” program with three treatments for men. The first is a 40-minute deep back massage inspired by Thai massage, especially recommended for men leading an active lifestyle. The second treatment, “New Face”, is a 50-minute cleansing-detoxifying facial treatment that is designed to improve skin condition. In turn, “Masculine Moments” is a 40-minute intense salt scrub that helps remove the layer of dead skin cells and stimulates the skin to produce new cells. The whole procedure ends with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage using oil with actively regenerating properties.

Men can take advantage of the entire range of massages available, which are not categorized according to gender.

Radisson Blu Sopot – a modern Thera Wellness and Men’s SPA Zone

A visit to Radisson Blu Hotel Sopot is a perfect opportunity to relax in the Thera Wellness space after a day full of excitement. Relaxation is provided by a whirlpool tub and a sauna area with a dry sauna, steam bath, herbal sauna, Rassoul sauna, a tepidarium and an outdoor dry sauna big enough for 40 people. Swimming enthusiasts can use the 25-metre long pool. Relaxation is provided by a whirlpool tub and a sauna area with a dry sauna, steam bath, herbal sauna, Rassoul sauna, a tepidarium and an outdoor dry sauna big enough for 40 people.

As each gender has slightly different needs, Radisson Blu Sopot has prepared special treatments for men – carefully selected rituals and professional therapies that will not only slow down the ageing process but also allow men to relax and refresh their tired bodies. The extensive treatment menu is divided into areas such as: eyes, face, body, hands, feet and depilation.

In the “Masculine Zone”, men can choose among several treatments: a green coffee and tobacco scrub,  a smoky spice scrub with sea salt granules, Thera rituals wooden – a body care treatment with a special Italian massage and natural, wood-scented aromatherapy and Man aesthetic, a rejuvenating treatment for the face, neck, and neckline. The range of services includes manicure and pedicure for men.

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