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Blikpol Eye Clinic in Sopot offers state-of-the-art technologies in vision correction and cataract treatment, as well as employs outstanding doctors with various narrow specialisations.

The history of the Blikpol Eye Clinic in Sopot dates back to the 1990s. At that time, the Kardiotel company, which provided medical services, had already operated on the Tri-City market. From this company, an ophthalmic brand was separated in 2008. According to the manager of the clinic, Anna Adamczyk, after performing market analysis, the Blikpol Clinic meticulously selected the most modern equipment and purchased the first femtosecond laser in Pomorskie, which brought the safety of laser vision correction procedures to the highest possible level.

In search for innovation

When the Blikpol facility launched, they started with cataract surgery, which was preceded by the construction of an operating block that met the requirements of the National Health Fund. – At the end of 2008, our block at Jana z Kolna 16 in Sopot-Wyścigi also had an excimer laser for LASIK procedures. In 2011, we equipped our laser system with a femtosecond laser, which made us the only facility in Poland to perform iLASIK treatments with the Abbott Medical Optics system, the only method approved for the vision correction of American soldiers and NASA astronauts – says Anna Adamczyk, manager of the clinic.

Each year, with more and more patients interested in laser vision correction, the clinic moved some of its services to the well-known Crooked House (Krzywy Domek) and created the KARDIOTEL-BLIKPOL Eye Microsurgery Centre. – The next step was brand lifting in 2018 that resulted in founding of the Blikpol Eye Clinic. With it came a new logo, a brand new website, and a fresh style of communication. In the beginning, our team of laser vision correction surgeons consisted of two doctors. Currently there are five of them, and even more in training – adds Anna Adamczyk.

As the manager of the clinic convinces, among medical facilities in Pomorskie Blikpol is one of the most dynamically developing ophthalmology companies. – We are constantly deepening our knowledge and introducing new services.  For example, we are the only ones to perform INTACS implantation procedures in the corneal cone – she emphasizes. Since the twenty-first century ophthalmology is based on medical devices packed with modern technologies, Blikpol invests in new diagnostic tools, co-operating with the market leaders. – We want our patients to have access to the greatest possible number of services provided at the highest world level – points out the manager.

Worldwide potential in Blikpol

The specialists, a total of 14 in both facilities, attempt to assist patients with any problem they may have. This allows even people with severe visual impairments to become independent of optical aids. This also applies to patients in the prime of life suffering from cataracts, who – as our interlocutor points out – thanks to advanced lenses implanted during the surgery have a chance to see like they have never seen before in their lives.

– Our main areas of development are laser vision correction procedures and cataract surgery. It is in these areas that we can boast of the greatest achievements. The most spectacular are always the correction of large visual defects. So far, the biggest defect we have corrected by laser is -16.5 dioptres in a young 21-year-old patient, who after the surgery could enter adult life without the burden of inability to function without glasses – says Anna Adamczyk. Therefore, the Blikpol Clinic has a lot of successes, and the ophthalmological procedures that are performed here last only 10-20 minutes, are as non-invasive as it gets, and produce practically immediate results.

Access to innovative treatment techniques makes the offer of the Sopot Clinic interesting for patients from outside Poland. – Our entire staff at the Blikpol Eye Clinic speaks English, which gives us the opportunity to treat foreign patients without the risk that the medical procedures would be misunderstood or too stressful due to the language barrier. During the last decade, we have been very open to foreign patients. We have started cooperation with tour operators, mainly from Scandinavian countries – says Anna Adamczyk.

Most of the foreign patients are Polish nationals, followed by citizens of the countries they live in. – Most often we host patients from Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Holland. There are also Germans and French people. From outside Europe, we have also had patients from Dubai, Florida and Toronto – says Anna Adamczyk. Undoubtedly, this is also influenced by the fact that apart from the high quality of provided services and emphasis on the best possible patient service, Blikpol as a family business also provides friendly atmosphere.


Haffnera 6 – KRZYWY DOMEK, Sopot

phone.: + 48 58 500 46 46

e-mail: biuro@blikpol.pl

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