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You don’t have to give up excellent, regional food during quarantine. You can order and pick it up or have it delivered home. Firstly, this will allow you to enjoy the flavours and aromas familiar to us from before the quarantine, and secondly, it will help your favourite restaurants survive this difficult time. We have prepared a list of excellent, regional restaurants in Pomorskie  that offer take-away food.

Brovarnia Gdańsk – the restaurant of Hotel Gdańsk  – phone: +48 58 320 19 70

In Brovarnia Gdańsk, food can be ordered by phone (free delivery up to 2 km; between 2-10km: 5PLN), or via Glovo & Wolt apps. The menu has been compressed a bit, but you will find everything you need: starters, soups, dumplings, main dishes and desserts. If you feel like having something more traditional, place an order in Brovarnia. Their menu includes: three-flavour herring, Gdańsk fisherman’s soup, goose-filled dumplings with prune sauce and mushrooms, traditional Polish sour rye soup served in bread, traditional Gdańsk-style duck, or traditional Polish cutlet. And if afterwards you still have room for dessert – we recommend brownie cheesecake with fruit coulis and meringue. There are also beers from the hotel brewery:  Złoto Brovarni Jasny Plis, Dymione Marcowe and Brovarnia Pszeniczne – pils style, March beer, and wheat beer, respectively. And they are all worth trying!

Gvara – tel. +48 795 889 288

Gvara operates at full capacity. Orders can be placed by phone with pick-up or with applications: Uber Eats, Wolt Polska and Pyszne.pl. A special take-away menu is available. What’s in it? Excellent, local and Polish cuisine. You can start with one of the soups, e.g. fish soup, sour rye soup, or lentil soup. Going further on to the main course, there are beef cheeks, a leg of duck or cod on pudding. Sounds like an excellent idea for a perfect dinner! The restaurant also offers dumplings, pasta and dishes for children.

Narodowi Mol – tel. +48 58 673 20 02

This Kashubian restaurant located near Puck offers delicious Kashubian take-away dishes. After prior telephone order, you can pick them up at the restaurant every day from 11:00 to 18:00. You can order breakfasts, starters, soups, salads, fish dishes, poultry dishes, pork dishes, beef dishes, venison dishes, dumplings with various fillings and vegetarian cuisine. The menu includes: home-made white sausage, goose sirloin tartare, fish soup with chunks of salmon, chicken broth, two versions of borscht, beef tripe, fried cod fillet, trout roasted in dill butter, confit goose leg, roast duck with red cabbage, Chicken Kiev, traditional pork chop or rabbit with carrot sauce. In addition, the restaurant’s own regional food shop is open all the time. Its offer includes: sausages, meat, preserves, dumplings and fish. Delicious!

Kubicki Restaurant – phone +48 535 181 352

Dishes from the oldest restaurant in Gdańsk, Kubicki, can be ordered by phone one day in advance and then picked up at the appointed time. The take-away menu has been compressed, but you will still find a selection of tasty, regional dishes. The menu includes: aspic salmon, duck in Malaga wine, matjes herring in parsley oil, sour rye soup with white sausage, mushroom broth with homemade noodles and duck with red cabbage and cranberry sauce. Yummy!

Harmonia Restaurant – tel. +48 58 326 06 03

Dishes from the Harmonia restaurant can be ordered via the Uber Eats application or by telephone for pick-up. There is a 10% discount on all dishes from the card. Moreover, a special lunch offer for 20 PLN has been launched! Daily lunch offers will be published on the fan page of Harmonia restaurant. For example, on Monday, for PLN 20, the lunch menu contained: sour rye soup and baked pork loin in sauce with roasted potatoes and hot red cabbage. The regular menu is available: soups (onion, Hungarian goulash, fish with seafood, sour rye soup with egg), vegetarian dishes (salad, pasta with marinated tofu), fish dishes (fried trout, fillet of redfish, cod with fries), meat (baked bacon with potatoes, duck in cranberry and apple sauce, pork tenderloin with bacon, beef tenderloin steak), pasta (e.g. Pasta (e.g. carbonara or penne with ham and broccoli), various salads and desserts. You can also purchase a voucher, and use it once the restaurant re-opens. Mmmm… sounds great!

Stary Browar Kościerzyna – tel. + 48 58 680 07 75

Delicacies from Stary Browar Kościerzyna can be ordered by phone for pick-up or home delivery. All dishes from the menu, pizzas and delicacies from the pantry are available. The menu contains, among others: lentil cream soup with avocado mousse and fried tomatoes, potato and horseradish cream, salmon fillet, moon fish with green pea puree, homemade dumplings with original filling, pasta, cod tenderloin with sauce of pickled cucumbers and potato babka with chanterelles, duck fillet with smoked cheese dumplings, pork knuckle from the oven or roasted turkey breast. You can also order pizza. The Home Pantry of Stary Browar Kościerzyna, on the other hand, offers delicious dishes in jars: stew with vegetables, dill sauce, pork bits and scions. Really worth it! You can also purchase a voucher, and use it once the restaurant re-opens.

Sztuczka Bistro – +48 58 354 58 66

Sztuczka works like in the old days! And they’re constantly working  on the best possible delivery method. At the moment, food from Sztuczka can be ordered either by phone or via Facebook, from 10:00 to 18:00. Orders will be ready to be picked up from both the Gdynia and Sopot restaurants. The special “Sztuczka na WYNOS” (Sztuczka TAKE-AWAY) menu includes home-made sourdough bread, kimchi, creamy onion soup, lobster bisque, different salds, a variety of dumplings, homemade pasta, cod fillet with grilled leek and ratatouille, Welsh-style lamb rump with creamy polenta, chilli con carne with rice, duck leg confit and Basque-style cheesecake. Definitely worth it!

Chmielna Restaurant – +48 58 582 02 11

Orders from Chmielna Restaurant can be placed by phone for pick-up or home delivery. Both the menu and the quality of dishes remain unchanged. The menu includes dishes for children (including tomato cream, spaghetti Bolognese, battered chicken or cod sticks, pancakes). From the regular card you can order, among others: tiger prawns in wine and butter sauce, onion soup with thyme, blood soup with potato noodles, sour rye cream, whole roasted trout, Pikeperch from the Vistula Lagoon, burgundy beef, pork ribs with juniper demiglace sauce, burgers (also vegetarian), pasta with prawns, veggie dumplings and pizza. We recommend ordering for the entire family!

Niepokorni – +48 731 700 333

Niepokorni  presents cuisine  that combines classics with a bit of modernist madness. The restaurant quickly adapted to unusual conditions and took off with a take-away for pick-up and delivery (within 5 km). Orders can be placed by phone every day from 12:00 to 21:00. The menu consists of various delicious dishes, including: hot soups (tomato soup with homemade noodles, sour rye soup made with home-made sourdough, sour soup with potatoes), main dishes (e.g. beef burger with homemade French fries, spicy potato dumplings, pork chops, mackerel, and more), and children menu (battered chicken fillets with fries, pancakes with cottage cheese and strawberries). Sounds like a good dinner for the entire family!

Canis – phone 793 26 27 28

The restaurant, located in a historic tenement house at Ogarna 27 street, takes pride in its rich history. They now also offer excellent food, which you can order as take away with personal pick-up or delivery (5 PLN up to 5 km, each subsequent, started kilometre  = 1PLN) from 12.00 to 20.00. The special menu contains starters, soups, main dishes and desserts. Additionally, you can order your own rye bread for 9 PLN per loaf. Personal pick-ups or deliveries are possible.

Biały Królik

The restaurant, despite being closed, offers home-made pastries  in the  Zakwasownia Bistro&Sklep and on its Facebook profile. The restaurant also encourages the purchase of vouchers for the Hotel Quadrille, which can be purchased after the hotel re-opens.

Is your favourite regional restaurant not on the list?

Some restaurants in Pomorskie are still working on implementing new procedures to help them find themselves in a difficult situation.

Restaurants located in hotels such as: 5. Piętro Restaurant in IBB Gdańsk Hotel, Lazurowa Restaurant in Szafir Hotel in Jastrzębia Góra, Las i Woda in Notera Hotel Spa in Tuchola Forest, or the restaurant in Royal Baltic Luxury Boutique Hotel do not have the possibility to receive new guests apart from quarantined guests, people on business trips or medical staff.

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