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November is a true celebration of goose. It is associated not only with the quality of the meat, which is the best in autumn, but primarily with the National Independence Day, which is celebrated in Poland on November 11. “Goose on St. Martin’s Day (Gęsina na św. Marcina in Polish) is a culinary tradition in which restaurants from all accross Pomorskie region take place every year. Where to find the best goose meat in Pomorskie?

It is said that goose meat is the most “noble” meat from all of poultry. It is particularily true for goose meat in Pomorskie, as the birds are brought up in friendly and ecological conditions. A goose’s life in Pomorskie is an idyll. They spend their time mainly on free ranges and pastures, feeding on green feed and oats.

Well-prepared goose meat is dark and delicate in flavour. Although it is quite calorific, it is also very healthy and tasty. You can find out for yourself on November 9-11 in Swołowo (a small village located in Pomorskie), where each year for then years now a true goose feast, “Na Świętego Marcina Najlepsza Pomorska Gęsina”, has been taking place. It translates into: “Goose from Pomorskie is the best for St. Martin’s Day celebration”. The event’s top attractions include: dance parties, culinary workshops, goose tasting, as well as the opportunity to meet local breeders and purchase top quality meat. And if you fancy goose meat prepared by the best chefs in Pomorskie, you should try one of the local restaurants.

Restaurants in Pomorskie – which one offers the best goose? 

Let’s start with classics. When visiting Brovarnia restaurant in Hotel Gdańsk, you can expect a full set of different flavours. The menu includes a goose meat dish that was awarded the best regional dish in the Amber Laurel contest. Stuffed rosemary goose is served in whole by the chef. The goose goes with traditional potato dumplings and red cabbage.. The dish must be ordered 48 hours in advance, as it takes that much time to prepare. The menu features otherdelicious goose treats, sucha as.: stuffed dumplings,  liver with cherry sauce, and breast of rosemary goose with lentils, marinated mushrooms, roasted beetroot, butter mashed potatoes and kale. And for dessert, for a change, we recommend brownie cheesecake with sea buckthorn coulis sauce.

Delicious, goose dumplings await for us in 5. Piętro restaurant in the IBB Długi Targ Hotel. Stuffing of this aromatic dish is made from goose legs. The secret is long preparation. First, goose is marinated for 12 hours in wine, onion, garlic, apples, marjoram, thyme and honey. Then it is baked for about 1.5 hours at 140 degrees Celsius. The meat is ground together with sauce that was appeared during baking. Autumn mushrooms add flavour. Mushrooms are first sautéd with garlic and watered with wine. The head chef of 5.  Piętro serves dumplings with demi glace sauce, prepared for 3 days with an addition of cherries.

Chef of the restaurant Las i Woda that is located in Notera Hotel Spa suggests a warming-up, filling broth of roasted goose with goose leg dumplings. It is a perfect composition for the upcoming season. However, the November menu features more goose-based dishes.

Another place that can also boast of excellently prepared goose is Filharmonia Restaurant. Here, goose dishes are available all year round. However, from mid-November, the menu features a new goose-based dish. This year, it is red dumplings stuffed with goose meat, pumpkin and thyme, topped with wild mushrooms and a pinch of crème fraiche. Ingredients are obtained from local suppliers and goose comes from a farm located on the border of Kaszuby and Kociewie regions.

Corrèze will treat you to goose leg confit with red cabbage, morels and foie gras parfait. Goose is served with beets, nuts, chives and cherry gel. Everything is sprinkled with bison grass sauce and powdered orange. It sounds very appetizing!

Do not let the restaurant’s name fool you. Biały Królik restaurant offers several aromatic goose dishes. To celebrate this “goose festival”, the restaurant has prepared a special menu consisting of 5 courses. One of them is surprisingly unconventional in form.

– One of the dishes that we will be serving is dried for a month, curated breast with goose tongues, yoghurt, and dog rose. The drying process starts with with brining in a mixture of salt, sugar and spices. Then, the breast is washed, dried and wrapped in muslin canvas. It is dried for a month in a room with the right temperature and circulation. The dried breast is grated, which allows us to obtain condensed flavour of a goose in a surprising form of “fluff”. We know from experience that this form surprises our guests – adds Rafał Koziorzemski, Head Chef in Biały Królik.

Restaurant Majolika awaits with an intense bouquet of flavour sensations with their take on goose, served marinated in red wine with cinnamon, celery and apples. As an alternative, there is goose with chestnuts and amaranth, accompanied by quince and juniper. For dessert, we can order sometihing really special: fried mushroom ice cream with artichoke blackberries.

Carpaccio of smoked duck breast is available in Browar PG4 restaurant. The entire dish is served on a warm plate, with rowan mousse, wood sorrel, and flavoured olive oil. This dish smells of autumn!

Cafe Polskie Smaki Restaurant serves a dish that is an interesting and modern combination of ingredients. The autumn menu features, among others, goose rillettes, served with millet popcorn, rowan, pear and red onion jam with thyme. It is unusual, but delicious.

Photo: Karol Kacperski

Gvara restaurant offers two aromatic specialties: one classic, and one unusual. The first is a goose confit with cranberry and mint sauce, baked sweet potato and fried beets with apple. The second – tagliatelle pasta with roasted peppers, marinated pear, demi-glace sauce and a hint of chilli. It creates a unique, highly essential flavor composition.

In November and December, Tabun restaurant will feature, among others, goose blood soup, turnip soup on goose broth, long-roasted goose thigh and a top dish, prepared with original recipe: dumplings stuffed with goose meat and marinated pear. Better book your time and table!

And if your steps will take you to Zamek Krokowa, be sure to try the items from the menu insert, which will be available around November 11. For starter, you will get goose terrine with blueberries. Then, sweet chestnut cream with mushroom chips will keep us warm. The star of the evening, goose breast with marjoram dumplings and mashed red onion will certainly not disappoint But leave a little room for dessert – plums in rum with crumble and vanilla ice cream is a perfect ending to our autumn feast.

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