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When I arrive at Pałac Poraj, it has just stopped raining and the sun is coming out from behind the clouds. Green grass is still intensely green, and leaves that fall from the trees swirl in the air. The palace garden beckons me to explore as I walk among the trees and admire sculptures hidden in its corners.

After a short walk, I direct my steps to the restaurant, admiring the charming porch decorated with heather and pumpkins.

Taste of Pałac Poraj

The restaurant menu includes classic items, such as delicious sour rye soup served in a loaf of bread, or pork knuckle, but also many regional treats that immediately catch my attention. “Smołdzińska” soup, ox tongues in horseradish sauce, goose liver, cepelinai, baked ham with wild mushroom sauce, zander in dill sauce, or celery pate.

Traditional Polish cuisine with a modern twist is the star of the restaurant, with top quality ingredients and traditional, well-polished recipes. There are also, of course, vegetarian options and an interesting, yummy kids menu (with, for example, apple turnovers with raspberry sauce). The helpful and kind waitress suggests I try the local speciality, nut soup with meatballs. Sounds so intriguing that I’m instantly bought, and in a moment I’m enjoying the creamy soup with soft, buttery walnuts. An unusual and memorable experience!

The particularily tempting menu items include ceppelinai and celery pate. But, ahead of me there’s still dessert, so I have to postpone until next visit. And believe me, pastries are something that you definitely need to give a try here. First, I go for fruit meringue, and then the amazingly smooth, honey and cinnamon cheesecake, the restaurant’s speciality. Magnificent!

The head chef of Pałac Poraj

The head chef of the restaurant in Pałac Poraj is Leszek Kaźmierczak, and his deputy is Krzysztof Pacak, with whom I speak of local flavours.

“Our signature dishes include trout, roasted duck with apples and pork knuckle.

Other dishes are changed seasonally. Now, for example, goose meat is “on display”. We use seasonal ingredients that we always try to obtain from local suppliers. Recently, we have had a pastry master join our team, who also makes cakes to order “- says Krzysztof Pacak.

“Soups play a crucial role in our menu “Smołdzińska” soup, which is a mushroom soup acidified with sauerkraut juice, or nut soup are dishes that are hard to come by in other places. The recipes have been crafted by our head chef, who based on regional formulas. Our sour rye soup is also worth mentioning, as it differs from other soups of its kind in that the base for it is horseradish. This gives the soup a different, unique flavour”.

The menu in Pałac Poraj changes seasonally, three times a year. Every weekend, the chef creates a menu insert, so that the guests always have a dish from outside the menu waiting for them. Wine lovers will find the wide selection of their favourite beverage, including Polish wine from Jaworek vineyard.

After indulging myself in the restaurant, I take another, longer stroll through the garden, during which I am planning what I will eat the next time I’m in Pałac Poraj.

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