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Jams, honey, mousses, tinctures, ketchup, sauces, preserves, and 100% natural nectars. All the riches of Tuchola Forest enclosed in bottles and jars, which can rest on a kitchen shelf and be within the hand’s reach. This is exactly the kind of food that Skwierawski Nalewki (Skwierawski Tinctures) manufactures.

The owner, Stefan Skwierawski, says that they process all the best fruit of Tuchola Forest. It’s worth noting that Tuchola Forest is one of the largest pine forest complexes in Poland, and at the same time a place unique not only in the regional, but countrywide scale. Tuchola Forest provide limitless natural resources straight from an ecological forest. The abundance of forest fruit include raspberries, berries, blackberries, or elderberry. The forest is also rich in different types of mushrooms, which are an intrinsic element of traditional Polish cuisine.

Stefan Skwierawski opened his manufacture in 1989. As he says, there is a long way behind him in terms of developing his business. He started from producing powdered ice-cream. Then, there came dried mushrooms, and intermediate products. He gained popularity with his mushroom concentrate and granulate, of which he is the only manufacturer in Poland.

Today, the offer includes a wide range of preserves. Their base is raspberries, berries, cranberries, and blueberries. The latter can be purchased whole (as juice), together with pears, or other forest fruit. Jams, mousses, or cranberry ketchup are excellent sidings to meat and desserts, although they can well enough substitute the latter.

Tinctures are a separate branch of activity. The offer includes ginger, berry, raspberry, or elderberry tinctures. Amateurs of more sophisticated flavours will certainly enjoy mint tincture. There are also classics, such as cherry or quince tinctures.

The offer also includes a wide selection of honey and pollens, both of which are known for their positive effect on health.

Although made in a factory, Stefan Skwierawski’s preserves win over competition with quality of the ingredients. All fruit and mushrooms come from clean, even “pristine” areas of Tuchola Forest.

Says Stefan Skwierawski: – We are not complacent. We constantly develop our company, adding new products, based on natural resources of Tuchola Forest.


Szkolna 28, Brusy

phone.: +48 52 398 22 91

e-mail: skwierawski@skwierawski.com.pl


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