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“The guests praise us primarily for the quality of served dishes and their exceptional flavour. We show how one can cook in Kashubia,” tells us Marek Hewelt, the owner of Nordowi Mol restaurant in Celbowo. It’s one of the most characteristic places in Pomorze which serves traditional Kashubian cuisine.

Ewa and Marek Hewelt have been running the Nordowi Mol restaurant for 12 years. As Marek Hewelt says: “Our main goal is to show Kashubian elements. Both in cuisine as well as in décor and restaurant’s atmosphere.

Upon entering the restaurant, you are instantly immersed in colourful land of Kashubia. The hall full of wood, with many touches linking to the Baltic sea, Kashubian “ghosts” inviting you to the table… It’s a special atmosphere that encourages you to stay here for a little longer.

The kitchen is lead by head chef Dariusz Potrykus. As he himself says, he knows Kashubian cuisine inside out because he’s a true-born Kashubian. He cooks like his mother and grandmother have taught him.

The guests of the Nordowi Mol restaurant value what’s the tastiest in classic Kashubian cuisine. That’s why in the menu you can find game, fowl and fish dishes. Goose meat in various forms is very popular among the guests. It’s goose tenderloin tartare, confit goose thigh with potatoes and red stewed cabbage or goose breast with cranberry sauce.

In the menu we can also find a browned duck, that is a half of a duck roasted with other ingredients or a classic country dish, that is mashed potatoes with fried bacon and fried egg – bùlwё sztãmpóné.

Kashubian delicacy is also fish – a trout from the Reda river breeding, baked in dill butter, or herring with tubers (apple, pickled cucumber, sour cream and potatoes). As the owner points out, the menu is composed in such a way as to satisfy both regular customers, and those who come here for the first time. Seasonally fixed menu is enriched with a so-called insert with occasional dishes. This can be for example deer steak or wild boar loin.

Handmade dumplings are also very popular among the guests. The offer is extremely rich because in the Nordowi Mol restaurant we can eat goose dumplings, meat ones, wild boar ones, salmon ones, Russian ones or dumplings with strawberries and blueberries.

The feast is crowned with a chokeberry and cherry liqueur which is served to the guests by the hosts themselves.

Anyone who wants to take Kashubian flavours home with them has a unique opportunity to do so. There is a shop with regional products in the facility. You will find here an abundance of meat and fish. “All of these are our own products. We smoke fish, produce and smoke sausages, hams and goose breasts ourselves. We sell our goose and pork lard, pork knuckle, traditional Kashubian zylc [brawn], poultry and pork pâtés. When it comes to fish, I highly recommend herring toasted in vinegar,” says Marek Hewelt.

The area where the Nordowi Mol restaurant is located is constantly expanding. A few years ago a barbecue cottage with a large furnace was created. Now the owners are making new investments – the construction of a conference room and a hotel section with 27 rooms.

It is worth reminding that in 2015 the Nordowi Mol restaurant was awarded the title of the Best Inn in Poland.


Celbowo 27 A, 84-100 Puck

phone: +48 58 673 20 02

e-mail: marketing@nordowimol.pl


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