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She remembers flavours from her childhood vividly. A thick slice of bread with fresh butter, cottage cheese that would melt in her mouth. This is why Aleksandra Czachorowska decided to establish a cheesery in the countryside. Together with Damian, her husband, she runs Radostowskie Rarytasy in the heart of Kociewie, where she produces traditional, delicious cheese.

-The dairy industry was always “present” in our families. My parents breed cows for more than 20 years, and Damian vividly remembers fried cheese with cumin that his grandmother used to prepare in a traditional way – says Aleksandra Czachorowska.

How did their cheese making adventure in Kociewie begin? – One day, we simply took milk and made our first cheese. It was perfect, because it was home-made. We liked it enough to begin producing cheese at some time later. Our first test subject were our family and friends. And this is how it all began – says Aleksandra Czachorowska.

Radostowskie Rarytasy offer

Today, Radostowskie Rarytasy is a wide range of long ripening cheese, cottage cheese, and blue cheese. There is also a selection of fresh cheese, and rennet cheese with additional ingredients: nuts, red pepper, and others. There is also brined feta cheese, smoked cheese, cheese balls, camembert, and ash-covered blue cheese. Some products are so popular that they receive proper names, like the Racibor blue cheese.

-It’s best to make cheese from milk straight from the cow. In this way, you don’t waste time, and milk preserves its best nutritional values. Such milk goes straight into the vat right after milking. You have to cool it down, add bacteria, and acidify for 24 hours. After 24 hours, take large chunks of the product and heat it. Carefully stir, put on cloth and this is how you get pressed cottage cheese -says Aleksandra Czachorowska.

Radostowskie Rarytasy also offers a wide range of yogurts, mildly sour cream, kefir, or buttermilk. The latter is traditional buttermilk, from churned cream.

In the future, Aleksandra Tomczak plans on taking up production of ripening cheese. – Our ripening room is our pride. We have a specially adapted cellar, and a ripening room. Our cheese ripens here, peacefully, for two months. We just inspect everything each day, taking care of high quality of our products. It’s a job that requires great amount of patience, but its effects are extremely satisfying.


Radostowskie Rarytasy

Dworcowa 11, Radostowo

phone.: +48 537 667 875

email: radostowskierarytasy@gmail.com

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