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Ecological preserves, jams, juices. This is Anna Socha’s idea for tasty treats. She grows black currant , and uses its fruit to prepare top quality, delicious preserves. As she says, the well-being of others is her top priority. This is why she wants to provide her delicious products to as many people as possible. Annature blackcurrant jams come in different varieties: sweet, semi-sweet, and savoury. Only cane sugar is added as a sweetener. Thanks to special technological process, blackcurrant juices are obtained without added water, which rises them to an entirely different level. 300ml of juice is obtained from 1kg of blackcurrant fruit.

Annature’s flavour was appreciated in Pomorskie Smaki (Flavours of Pomorskie) contest, where it received an Amber Laurel for the best product of plant origin. It is worth noting that this contest cultivates region’s culinary heritage.

– How did you come up with the idea to grow and process currants?

-The idea was born out of love to nature and healthy lifestyle. From my childhood, I remember the smell of flowers and fields, and the flavours of freshly gathered fruit and vegetables. For a child, who spent holidays in the countryside, it was an experience that made me happy. Fruit and vegetables grown by my grandparents had always been aromatic and healthy. They didn’t use artificial fertilizers, hence the pronounced aroma and flavour in their crops. I wanted to make my wish come true, and create a place that will give joy and happiness, but most of all – one that will produce top-quality, healthy food – says Anna Socha.

Across 15 hectares of land, in a picturesque part of Kaszuby region by the Mikorowskie lake, in the town of Kozy, Anna Socha founded her ecological farm. There, she grows Tiben and Ben Hope varieties of black currant. Since 2012, the farm regularly receives an ecological certificate.

– The uniqueness of our products is based mainly on their high quality. For jam production, we use only ecological black currant, and ecological cane sugar. Picking the fruit at the right time provides its unique flavour and aroma. For six years, our plantations have passed each and every quality and safety tests, and throughout all these years, we have received ecological certificates. All tests confirm the highest quality and safety of our fruit. This is of paramount importance to the quality of jams and juices, which directly translates into well-being of our clients. Our jams are also unique when it comes to their flavour – says Anna Socha.

Annature products can be purchased at eco bazaars like Bazar Natury in Gdańsk, healthy food shops, restaurants, and other places that promote ecological food.

Annature Feliksa Nowowiejskiego 5, 80-274 Gdańsk, Polska http://annature.eu/ contact@annature.eu +48 51 771 79 37

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