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Let’s go there and make the most of this wonderful tulip season madness. The tulip field, full of multi-coloured flowers that have just started to bloom is a truly magnificent sight. The field will be open for visitors for the entire period of tulip blooming season, that is for the next 3 weeks. It is open seven days a week from 9 am to 8 pm. And this year it is held in Błotnik, next to the marina, not like in previous years, in Cedry Wielkie. Admission charge applies.

You can take pictures featuring tulips, create your own bouquet or simply enjoy the beauty and scent of these spring flowers. There are around 20 varieties of tulips in the field, and the flowers have been planted in such a way as to showcase their beauty at different times. So, you don’t have to worry about the most beautiful specimens disappearing after the first weekend. The tulips will bloom for about three weeks from the opening day – which of course may change slightly depending on the weather.

There are lots of attractions scheduled for the weekends. The local farmers’ wives club has their own stand where you can buy many tasty snacks, both sweet and savoury, e.g.: a slice of bread with home-made lard, ice-cream, waffles,  candy floss, lemonade, cake and coffee. The local beekeeper, Mr. Wojciech Brzyszcz, offers the selection of organic honeys and children will certainly have a lot of fun with bouncy castles and music. It is a real tulip fiesta!

Right by the marina, you will find independent culinary concept stores, so while taking a break from the tulip madness you can eat some good fish, soup or some grilled meats from the barbecue stand. The field is located right next to the sailing marina in Blotnik, so why not rent a kayak or a water bike pedal boat and make a trip down the Dead Vistula river while you are there? In Blotnik there is plenty of activities to do with the whole family and  spend a day in a fun way. If you like sport events, come to Blotnik on May 6th and 7th, because that’s when the Sailing Regatta of the Zulawy Sailing Cup Cycle is starting.

The admission to the tulip field in Błotnik is 10 PLN per person. This includes 5 tulips which you can choose and pick yourselves (at the entrance you will be given a detailed instruction on how to do it). Each extra tulip is only 1,5 PLN. You can invite your own photographer for a private photo shoot. The admission for kids is free.

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