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Bead necklaces, brooches, cups, key rings, pillow cases, trunks, and cupboards, all with traditional Kashubian ornaments, unlike any other, can be found in Farwa Kashubian Design Gallery and Workshop.

A professor gave their students a demanding task. – Create a project both interesting, and original – he said. Angelika Szulfer instantly knew, what she was going to do to surprise her colleagues, and her lecturer.

As she describes herself: – I am of Kashubian descent, it runs my blood. I was raised in a small Kashubian village, and I feel deep connection to the region, its values, and works of art. I express my love towards my second home with a brush, needle and thread.

Angelika Szulfer began her adventure with Kashubian ornaments and embroidery. This resulted not only in a modern, yet regionally-inspired university project, but also with the first conept of Farwa Kashubian Design Gallery and Workshop.

The artist weaves Kashubian motives onto designer pieces of art, but also everyday utensils, or interior equipment. She creates clothing and shoes – Kashubian sneakers are a bestseller – decorated with regional embroidery, colourful jewelry, or original elements to decorate your kitchen or living room with.

Items that come from Farwa Gallery and Workshop are at the same time beautiful reminders of a visit to this picturesque part of Pomorskie. – I create decorations, souvenirs, and presents for weddings, as well as different occasions. I also accept individual orders – explains Angelika Szulfera. And then adds: – The ideas are usually mine, but I also draw inspiration from people, including my customers, as well as from my travels.

The elements mostly depicted in the embroidery are tulips, palmettes, pomegranates, ox-eye daisies, roses, and checkered hearts. These motifs are further decorated with tiny embroidered cherries, bees, or cornflowers. Angelika Szulfer knows well the intricacies of Kashubian embroidery, which by the way is very rich in ornaments. These differ from one another in many ways. The oldest Żukowo embroidery has only 7 colours, whereas the Wdzydze palette includes as many as 20 different colours.

The sneakers of Farwa design are available in at least several variations: with Kociewie, Żukowo, Wdzydze, Wejherowo, or Puck embroideries.

Farwa Kashubian Design Gallery and Workshop also organises handicraft workshops for children, and adults. – During my workshops, I teach my students to sew, or paint Kashubian ornaments. So, these are not your ordinary painting workshops. I always tell Kashubian tales and stories related to the workshop’s topic – says Angelika Szulfer.

Farwa Kashubian Design Gallery and Workshop is present in the Internet as well. The website www.farwa.pl gives you classics, as well as Angelika Szulfer’s latest works. All of it, of course, with beautiful, Kashubian embroidery in the centre of attention.

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