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Pomerania is full of beautiful corners, but there are some places that just beg to be photographed. And little effort is needed to get beautiful frames. Here are the beloved places of photographers, filmmakers and influencers. You’ll take photos in them for Instagram and for your family album. If you go on an instaspace walk around Pomerania tag us #pomorskieprestige.

Cały Gaweł in Sopot

This is where Influencers eat breakfast. No wonder, because apart from the delicious food, the Gaweł is what attracts to the Cały Gaweł. More precisely – Gaweł Czajka who knows exactly what’s going on in the Instagram world (check out his account, where he shares great recipes). Cały Gaweł is a place where you can eat well, but also have a great cocktail without alcohol, based on non-alcoholic gin. You’ll taste internationally inspired cuisine using local produce from Kashubia – country butter, eggs from happy hens, Pniew beef and good fish. It’s best to check out the menu for yourself and book a place, not only for breakfast but also for a late dinner.

Gdańsk and Granary Island

Gdansk is an extremely Instagram-able city. You don’t have to look long to find a place that is just made for beautiful frames. We recommend taking a walk from the Upland Gate, along Długa Street, all the way to Granary Island. In the meantime, it is worth turning onto one of the most romantic streets – Mariacka Street. You will also catch beautiful shots in restaurants overlooking the Motława – Maniera and White Marlin. The entire Granary Island is a beautiful place for outdoor photo sessions. In the Filharmonia Restaurant, on the other hand, you will find majestic frescoes against which your dishes will look phenomenal. And if you’re looking for a beautiful view, visit the Sassy nightclub with a panoramic terrace. And if you dream of good food, which you can enjoy while swinging on a swing overlooking Gdańsk – visit Jungla Coctails & Food on the roof of the Forum Gdańsk shopping centre.

100cznia, Food Hall Montownia and the post-shipyard area

Gdańsk’s post-shipyard areas have a unique atmosphere. It is here that musicians shoot their music videos and designers present their latest collections. Whichever way you look, you will find beautiful shots. It is worth starting your tour of the postshipyard area at 100nia – called a micro-cosmos or a city within a city. Then you can head towards Elektryków Street and continue along the route of the Imperial Shipyard. Along the way, you will encounter the M3 Crane, which has been opened to tourists (we recommend climbing up to enjoy the view). Nearby, there is an artists’ space – WL4 Mleczny Piotr – to which the way is pointed by Rozbitkowie – the beautiful, yet stirring sculptures of Czesław Podleśny. While strolling around the area, don’t forget to visit the European Solidarity Centre. Finally, we encourage you to relax in the Montownia Food Hall, a gastronomic space arranged in the historic U-Boat Hall.

Checkered Pattern Land in Swołowo

This place is like something out of a magical fairy tale. It’s all thanks to the distinctive half-timbered buildings with black beams and white infill. This ‘checkered’ form of the buildings attracts lovers of painting, photography and Instagram. We recommend stopping here to take in these views from sunrise to sunset. When visiting the Checked Pattern Land, be sure to visit Zagroda Inicjatyw Twórczych in Swołowo, Gospoda Spiżarnia w kratę (they serve goose meat there above all) and Statkiewiczówka, where you can buy excellent farmstead cheeses.

Moving dunes in Łeba

This is a great attraction of the Pomeranian region. The moving dunes cover an area so vast that they have earned the colloquial name of the ‘Polish Sahara’. And they can actually resemble a desert – which is a kind of phenomenon. The light and fine-to-the-touch sand is an ideal background for photographs. A forest road leads to the dunes through the Slovinski National Park, which also provides beautiful shots. You may encounter various species of birds or a skittish fox here.

White Marlin in Sopot

Sopot’s pier has been attracting Influencers for years, but we would like to offer you a location that is less obvious, but equally attractive in terms of beautiful frames. White Marlin in Sopot is a restaurant maintained in a seaside style. Its bright interiors and direct access to the beach make it an ideal place for photography. Here, absolutely everything works together – beautiful interiors and good food. In addition, the entrance to White Marlin has been decorated with artificial flowers that draw attention to themselves and a decorative swing. The owners of the restaurant also take care of the interesting special occasion arrangements that occasionally appear in front of the entrance.

White Marlin Sopot Aleja Wojska Polskiego 1, 81-769 Sopot, Polska https://whitemarlin.pl/ restauracja@whitemarlin.pl + 48 784 629 283

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