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Paintings that touch the soul and capture the atmosphere of the landscape kissed by the seaside breeze adorned the walls of the Zagroda Inicjatyw Twórczych [Farmstead of Creative Initiatives] in Swołowo. Not for long, as they will surely find new owners quickly. The preview exhibition of “New Horizon”, the second nationwide painters’ outdoor workshop, is behind us.

Ustka and Swołowo are towns of the Pomorskie region that have fascinated Polish and global artists for years. It’s no wonder because the charm of these places can disarm even the greatest sceptics. After all, Ustka is one of the most frequently visited seaside resorts, where the sand is immaculately white and Swołowo is the heart of the fairytale-like Kraina w Kratę [Checkered Pattern Land].

New Horizon in Swołowo

The first painters’ outdoor workshop took place in April and brought together four artists. The May edition gathered seventeen artists, who filled with their works almost the entire ground floor of the Zagroda Inicjatyw Twórczych [Farmstead of Creative Initiatives] in Swołowo. The preview of the exhibition attracted painters and art enthusiasts. The event was accompanied by live music. Visitors were treated to champagne and snacks. Guests and artists could immerse themselves in art and soak in the beauty of Swołowo in a relaxed atmosphere. We enjoyed the format of the event so much that we eagerly await the next edition.

Swołowo, the capital of Kraina w Kratę [Checkered Pattern Land], is an extraordinary place. This small village in Central Pomerania dazzles not only with its fairy-tale atmosphere, where black-and-white checkers intertwine with idyllic landscapes, but also invites us to the world of the 19th and early 20th century. Fans of atmospheric places and history enthusiasts will be delighted! Swołowo is home to as many as 70 buildings of traditional post and beam construction, with tarred beams and whitened fill-ins. One of those buildings houses the Museum of Folk Culture of Pomerania in Swołowo, which we highly recommend visiting. It’s worth staying here longer than just for a few hours, preferably in one of the black-and-white cottages, to immerse yourself in this extraordinary atmosphere.  Starting at dawn, to see a magical morning, until late starry night. Swołowo is, of course, the heart of Kraina w Kratę [Checkered Pattern Land], but this characteristic architecture stretches beyond the village – over an area of about 50 kilometres in width and 80 kilometres in length. A long walk along the trail of checkered cottages is a great idea if you want to see them all. And if you feel that it’s time for a good lunch or dinner, we recommend stopping at the Dym Na Wodzie , a very good restaurant in Słupsk, which is only a 15-minute drive away.  

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