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Travelling through the Pomorskie voivodeship, you will find many picturesque SPA towns and spots. Jantar, Krynica Morska, Jurata, Jastarnia or Łeba are without a doubt brands renown all across Poland, and beyond. All of them are prefect for health and wellness business, and there are several well-established SPA centres in them. However, only two places in the region can boast the official status of a health resort: Sopot & Ustka, gems that the world can be jealous of.

Tradition and modernity

Sopot gained the formal status of a health resort in 1999. There are many well-established health & wellness centres operating in the city. Among them are: “Leśnik” spa centre, Mera SPA centre in the Sopot Mariott hotel, or Miramar hotel, which offers both SPA and rehabilitation treatments.

New facilities appear regularly. This year, Sopotorium Medical Resort & SPA has been opened, which combines a high-end hotel with 110 rooms with a health & wellness centre. The design of the rooms itself speaks ambition. The owners of the SPA are driven by the modern spirit, at the same time reminding its guests of the pre-war SPA traditions in Sopot.

Both rooms and common areas are decorated with photos, pictures, and murals full of historical references. Inside the hotel, located almost directly by the sea, there is everything to provide a good night’s sleep and take care of your health and stamina. This includes: a medical & SPA centre, saunas, gym, jacuzzi, and a brine pool.

“Both guests enjoying their time off in Sopotorium Medical Resort, as well as people from the Tri-City have the opportunity to experience real balneotherapy, which is a bath in brine that comes from the nearby St. Adalbert’s spring. We also offer physiotherapy, kinesitherapy, therapeutic massages, manual and inhalation therapies, as well as systemic cryochamber treatments,” explains Lucjan Lewandowski, manager of Sopotorium Medical Resort.

The facility specialises in preventive care and treatment of locomotor disorders, as well as diseases of the upper respiratory tract, cardiovascular system, modern-age diseases, and endocrine and allergic disorders. To oversee the treatment process, an especially selected team of specialists has been assembled, comprising doctors, rehabilitation specialists, a dietician and a psychologist.

Relaxation, contemplation, luxury

The second city in Pomorskie with an official status of health resort is Ustka. Local health & wellness facilities helps in treatment of a wide range of diseases: rheumatological, cardiological, respiratory and nervous systems, or hypertension. The most esteemed centres include: rehabilitation and recreation centre “Ewa” , Ustka Hotel, located just by the sea, which offers a wide variety of rehabilitation stays, and rehabilitation and recreation centre “Orka”.

But, just like Sopot, Ustka is also constantly developing. One of its signature centres is the ultra-modern Grand Lubicz – “Uzdrowisko Ustka” (Ustka SPA). It is a combination of a luxury, five-star hotel and a rehabilitation centre that offers a variety of health-improving treatments. All in the immediate vicinity of a pine forest and a picturesque, sandy beach.

“Everything that is natural is in fashion right now, and this concerns many industries, such as dietetics or cosmetics. Manufacturers excel at using fully natural, safe ingredients,” says Dorota Janczukowicz from Grand Lubicz.

The centre houses a modern SPA & Wellness area, comprising almost thirty treatment rooms. On-site facilities allow the guests to enjoy mud baths and massages. One of the most important parts of the centre is the medical area, where rehabilitation treatments take place. A wide range of equipment and experienced staff allows the centre to offer rich treatment packages that can meet the expectations of even the most demanding patients.

„One of the greatest assets of the hotel is, among others, the Medical Centre. We offer treatments and treatment packages for entire families for treating respiratory and nervous systems disorders, orthopaedic and traumatic diseases, as well as cardiological, dermatological, and rheumatological conditions. All under the watchful eyes of doctors and qualified physiotherapists,” continues Dorota Janczukowicz from Grand Lubicz.

“Coronavirus” – challenge accepted

A stay in one of the modern health centres in Pomorskie is a thing that deserves considering, especially in the times of pandemic, when all trips abroad are a big unknown. Representatives of hotels and health centres in Pomorskie convince that well-being and safety of their guests is a top priority for them.

„ Our facilities have complied with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and the Ministry of Health. We have also introduced our own, additional standards,” says Dorota Janczukowicz from Grand Lubicz. “In order to guarantee safety and supervision over the procedures connected with virus prevention, a new position has been opened: Health Security Co-ordinator,” says the representative of the Ustka-based centre.

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