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Are you wondering which hotel would be best for a winter break with kids? The answer is pretty simple: kid-friendly premium hotels. What does the term ‘kid-friendly’ really mean? What can you expect at a family-friendly hotel and what to take into account while searching for an interesting offer? We looked through the facilities of Pomorskie region and selected the best kid-friendly premium hotels for you. Here are our top recommendations.

Families with children is a constantly growing target group on the hotel services market. After the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a noticeable increase in domestic tourist traffic, partly thanks to the Children’s Tourist Voucher, which could be redeemed in different hospitality facilities, such as countryside resorts or premium class hotels. Such increase in tourist traffic is especially observable during summer holidays, winter breaks and long weekends. Poles eagerly book their stays in Polish Wellness & SPA facilities offering a high standard of services and, most of all, interesting attractions for kids.

In Pomorskie region, among numerous accommodation establishments ready to host families, there is a large group of premium hotels. Four-star facilities are quite diversified, both in terms of infrastructure and the attractions they offer. What factors to pay attention to while looking for a place which will satisfy both adults and kids? What does the term ‘kid-friendly’ mean exactly?  Children are known to be the most demanding category of guests, so let’s check to what extent the hotels adapt their services to the needs of the youngest customers. Below we list the most important factors to take into consideration while making a choice.

Family rooms

A kid-friendly premium hotels should provide spacious and comfortable rooms, in which there is a place for a crib/cot for a baby or an extra bed for an older child.  The most comfortable rooms are those consisting of two separate parts (a studio). The parents may sleep in one bedroom and the children – in the other one. This enables the whole family to enjoy peaceful sleep and to get proper rest. Another important element of a family room is as bathroom: preferably with a bathtub, making the bath time pleasant and easy.  

The infrastructure suited to children’s needs

Kid-friendly hotels have to provide access to such areas as a safe, fenced outdoor playground, a parking space for strollers/pushchairs, lifts and access ramps. The hotel should provide a separate zone for children – a playroom, equipped with toys, building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, books, a TV set and, for older kids, a multimedia corner with access to a computer, a game console and a sports area with table tennis, table football, billiards etc. The Wellness zone should contain a paddling pool, where the temperature of water is slightly higher than in the swimming pool for adults, and accessories such as floating balls or armbands, useful when a child is learning to swim.

Equipment and everyday accessories

The equipment and the accessories available at the hotel are very important as well. A good kid-friendly hotel always provides travel cots, potties, toilet seats, baby changing stations and a private space for a nursing mother and a baby. The hotel also offers the option of renting a stroller, a baby carrier, a bicycle seat or a sledge.  The hotel restaurant has high chairs, plastic cutlery and other utensils. Finally, a kid-friendly hotel has plenty of toys: building blocks, books, art materials and board games.

Kids’ menu

Kids can sometimes be very poor eaters, so the hotel restaurant should make sure the menu for kids is attractive. Children’s meals are a vital aspect for parents and may be a reason for concern during family stays. In good hotel restaurants the menu contains a special section with delicious dishes dedicated for kids. The chefs prepare special treats for kids: fancy desserts, waffles, beverages and invite them to participate in live-cooking workshops.

An interesting program of attractions and animation games for kids

A kid-friendly hotel should offer various attractions for the youngest guests and employ professional animation staff, who conduct art or sports activities for kids, workshops, evening shows and animated films screenings.  Professional animation staff is a super-convenient feature for parents, who may leave their kids with a reliable person and in the meantime relax in the SPA zone. Daily animation program for children, stimulating their interests and encouraging their active participation is a key to the satisfying family stay.

Friendly and helpful staff

The staff that is friendly, helpful, takes proper care of children, gives them the attention and the affection they need – is a foundation of every family hotel. Welcoming mindset, generosity and patience are the necessary features of the hotel staff, who, like nobody else, understand the changing moods and expectations of the youngest guests. During a family stay parents need the support in childcare, so the perfect family-oriented hotel is the one which offers babysitting assistance for a few hours, when the parents may relax and take advantage of such services as massages, body treatments or activities, e.g.: yoga, aqua aerobic or fitness workout.

If we were to present medals to the family-oriented hotels, the hotels on the list below would be on the top of our list. Why is that? In those facilities children get the VIP-style treatment. The comfort of guests, regardless of their age, is a top priority.

Notera SPA: winter world of Noteralandia

Notera, located in Bory Tucholskie woodland is one of those hotels which never cease to surprise their guests with new ideas. Be it a Halloween weekend on a pumpkin farm or the winter break in the winter world of Noteralandia – here the children will experience lots of attractions and adventures, their stay will be full of joyful fun and creative activities. While the youngest guests play under the supervision of our staff, parents may chill out and spend some quality time in the stress-free zone, which is the only place in Poland offering such unique relaxing experiences as saunas, salt cave, hay resting room or a floating tank.

What does the hotel have in store for kids during the winter break? The range of activities is huge and includes: swimming pool fun, Kashubian bread baking workshops, sensory art workshops, eurhythmics, cinema on cushions, bonfire, arts & crafts, sports, soap bubble fun, pottery workshops, obstacle course, bouncy structures, coding classes, glitter tattoos, field day games, environmental classes and…chocolate-scented sauna time. The warm soup and cake is served at lunchtime and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is a bonfire with sausage and marshmallow grilling.

Adults have a wide choice of daily activities in the SPA and Wellness zone: sauna, relaxation, yoga, tai chi, Tibetan bowl and gong concerts and, upon request, the good sleep therapy – warm pillows filled with buckwheat and plum stones.

The picturesque area and many cycling routes around the  Charzykowskie Lake are perfect for active leisure time enthusiasts. Families can rent bikes or, if the weather is not so favourable, they can stay in and play one of the board games available in the cabinet next to the reception.

Grand Lubicz: aquapark and water attractions

Winter break spent at the seaside is an excellent option for those, who would like to benefit from fresh and clean seaside air. Long walks along the beach are a healthy activity for the whole family,  particularly for those suffering from allergies or asthma. Ustka is a health resort and its natural benefits are complemented by the range of services offered by Grand Lubicz Hotel, with its Medical & SPA Centre.

During the winter break family stay there is an opportunity for a free diagnostic consultation of children’s posture and foot defects. The hotel offers, as a part of the package stay, Aqua Fitness classes, aromatherapy seances in the salt cave and graduation tower and 10% discount for SPA and Medical treatments for children up to 12 years old.

What makes Grand Lubicz exceptional, compared to other hotels in Pomorskie region, is a giant aquatic complex made up of: swimming pool with a slide and a lazy river, a 4-lane sport swimming pool, a paddling pool with numerous aquatic attractions, a VIP saline water pool and an outdoor pool.

 During the winter break, as every year, there are plenty fun activities for kids. The animation program includes dance and movement classes, arts and crafts workshops, Jungle Space fun time, cartoon screenings and various activities in Games and Play Room. Teenagers may use the ping-pong table as well as free access to multimedia games (X-box console).

The amenities available on the hotel premises include baby cots, bottle warmers, air humidifiers, safe plastic cutlery and kitchen utensils, electric socket protectors and many more child-dedicated accessories. The menu is tailored to the children’s taste buds, too. During the winter break the hotel serves buffet for kids at mealtimes.

Dolina Charlotty Resort & SPA:  a zoo, a seal center and samba lessons

Dolina Charlotty is a place in which you can find peace in the closeness of nature and experience the luxury of the SPA zone. The resort is located near Słupsk, in the green valley among lakes and for many years has attracted families like a magnet. One of the popular attractions here is The Charlotta Zoo, where you can see lots of cute animals. Another one is a seal center and the Land of Fairy Tales with sculptures of fairy tale characters.

During the winter break the children will be able to enjoy daily entertainment in different shapes and forms: animations in the winter world (polar express, puzzle solving), a carnival ball (samba lessons, dance party), pirates expedition (aquapark fun, treasure hunt), arts workshops, family games, field games, mini discotheque. Children can use two playrooms (the monkey grove and the ball pool). They can play billiards, table football, ping-pong, go bowling or play video games. There is a library and a reading room and a wide choice of board games for the whole family to play together.

In the Wellness zone families can make use of a big, indoor swimming pool, a paddling pool, saunas and a jacuzzi.  The restaurant offers a special kids’ menu and invites families to try a delicious winter dessert and to sausage grilling around the bonfire (twice a week). The swimming pool, the restaurant and the reception have the equipment useful for babies and children. Free stay for children up to 5 years old.

Gwiazda Morza: a climbing wall and a chocolate back massage

Władysławowo and Gwiazda Morza – the seaside hotel is another place which is worth visiting and where both adult and young guests will surely never get bored. There is an exciting program of activities for the youngest guests: yoga for kids, dance and movement classes, art classes, tattoo and face painting, board games, DIY crafts.

Especially for our youngest guests we have The Kids Room, or should we say “Underwater World” The unusual zone of creative fun, equipped with a submarine, a pool filled with balls, slides and bridges, where the enjoyment has no end. Young gifted artists will appreciate the arts corner, where they can draw with chalk or paint, and the smallest guests will enjoy the sensory play zone developing manual skills.  There is also a playground in a private park, a paddling pool, swimming lessons and family seances in the sauna. Another attraction of the hotel is a 16-metre high climbing wall.

The hotel has got some special SPA treatments in store for kids and adolescents. The young guests may benefit from the children’s land of the Gwiazda Morza SPA Institute. Using ancient massage techniques for babies and children, our therapists will help you regulate their sleep and strengthen relationships with their parents.  For older children there is a chocolate massage, and for young ladies – a unique manicure in the fairy-tale colours of the rainbow.

Additional equipment available at the hotel features: cribs, feeding seats, bathtubs, access steps, furniture corner protectors, electric sockets security, children’s bathrobes and bottle warmers. The restaurant has a special menu for kids. Free stay for children up to the age of 4.

Tristan Hotel & SPA: an aquatic world full of books

In Tristan Hotel & SPA in Kąty Rybackie located on The Vistula coastal lagoon the youngest guests will feel at home.  The hotel staff do their best to make sure the children have a good time all day long. The Sea Land is a children’s realm and their ‘command centre’. It is an ideal place for unlimited, carefree fun. The soft surface of the playroom makes it safe to have fun, even for the youngest ones. The club has its own toilet (specially adapted for children), a ball pool, giant building blocks, a drawing board, lots of crayons, markers and all the tools for the artistic development of a child.

The aquatic zone has a dedicated area for the youngest visitors – a paddling pool with a fountain. There are some useful accessories, such as inflated balls, kick boards or foam pool noodles. Children can take part in water fun and learn to swim with a swimming instructor and the supervision of a lifeguard. The children’s bathrobes are provided upon request.

On the -1 level there is a bowling alley designed in a marine style. It is a perfect place for the family fun time. The young bowlers can safely play there thanks to special blocking bands on the ball return conveyor belt. The Moon Club, also located on -1 level, is a gamers’ paradise, with multimedia games and modern consoles: Xbox and PS4 . It is very popular with older kids and teenagers. Those who would like to play games will appreciate table football, billiards and slot machines. There are two bookcases with a wide selection of books. One of them is next to the reception, the other one in the lobby bar. The hotel promotes readership. Children’s books are also available in the Play Room.

What attractions for children are there during winter break? Thematic art workshops, including manual skills developing classes with elements of ecology science, themed games and activities, reading fairy tales together, radio play, water games for children, family cinema, dance parties, quizzes and imagination stimulating games. The stay package includes daily thematic activities with a professional animator and a family cinema with a snack bar for kids. Free stay for children up to the age of 6.

Saltic Resort & SPA in Łeba: a relaxing stay at the seaside in a modern style

Saltic Resort & SPA in Łeba is a newly opened accommodation facility, which will surely impress those who love modern style. It is located on the outskirts of Łeba, in the heart of a pine forest, between the Baltic Sea and Lake Sarbsko, just 5 minutes away from the beach and wandering dunes. The building, with its minimalist architecture and the interior concept, inspired by Scandinavian design, blend in with the surrounding nature. Comfortably designed rooms and luxurious relaxation zones guarantee a restful and exciting stay both for adults and for children. There is no better destination for the enthusiasts of eco-friendly and slow leisure. 

There are plenty of options for active leisure while staying at Saltic Resort, like renting a bike and discovering numerous cycle paths in the area. Families can visit the aqua zone, dry sauna and a steam bath. The large glass walls around the pool create an illusion of swimming in the pine forest surrounding the hotel. The proximity of nature makes it a true feast for your senses. Wellness zone after 8.00 pm is available exclusively to adult guests.

What does the hotel offer for children? The access to Play Room and a diversified program of animation games (Monday to Saturday), family culinary workshops (every Saturday), weekend concerts – live music, entertainment, e.g.: a bonfire with grilled sausages, mulled wine for adults and hot chocolate for kids (every Wednesday and Saturday). Natura Restaurant offers dishes for kids at breakfast and dinner, as well as lunch (soup and main course).

There are high chairs available in the restaurant and baby changing stations in the hotel toilets. Upon request, Saltic provides bottle warmers, step stools, potties, toilet seats and mini-bathtubs. Children up to 3 years of age stay for free if they sleep in their parents’ bed.

See You in Pomorskie pretty soon!

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