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Craft beers have been conquering the Polish market for several years now. There are beers to suit the needs of people who have the knowledge and love a good beer, as well as people who don’t enjoy drinking beers offered by large corporations. In the town of Gościszewo, located near the city of Malbork, in the Medieval atmosphere of Teutonic history, Czarnecki family has continued brewing tradition for more than 20 years. The amber beverage tastes great, and Gościszewo Brewery is gaining new fans each day.

Brewing tradition in Pomorskie region dates back several hundred years. Gdańsk, Chojnice, or Tczew: each of these cities had a functional brewery. Demand for beer was tremendous. According to the 19th century annals, each self-respecting inhabitant of Pomorskie consumed 120 litres of beer per year. Of course, under the watchful eye of Gdańsk Brewers’ Guild.

The history of beer in Pomorskie has had its ups and downs. Fortunately, we can now say that all the best practices and characteristics of Pomorskie brewing trade have been preserved. Gościszewo Brewery has been respected among beer aficionados ever since 1991. It is a family-run business, founded by Andrzej and Stanisław Czarneccy. At the same time, it was the first brewery founded in Poland after the 1989 transformation process.

Offer of Gościszewo Brewery

Gościszewo Brewery brews 12 types of beer of both top and bottom fermentation. Two types of pils beer, porter, bock, wheat beer, smoked beer, two types of lager, dark lager, as well as seasonal beers. In autumn, just after hop harvest, a fresh hop head lager is produced. In Christmas time, traditionally, a Christmas beer is brewed, and in summer – a light wheat beer, very popular on the Hel Peninsula and Vistula Spit, where it is enjoyed by tourists from all around Poland and Europe.

– It’s no secret that our dark lager, Komtur, is a sales hit – says Chrystian Czarnecki, co-owner at Gościszewo Brewery.

For many hopheads (beer „geeks”), Komtur is the best beer of its kind in the world. The name is not coincidental, as it refers to the Teutonic tradition of the surrounding area (Komtur is German for „Commander” , a commanding position in many Medieval military orders).

– We use top-quality ingredients and stay away from replacements. Malt is imported from Germany, we also buy it in Gdańsk. Hops come from European producers, as well as locally from Lubelskie region. When it comes to yeast, we receive support from Gdańsk-based Amber Brewery – says Chrystian Czarnecki. – We brewed unfiltered beer, lager-type, as one of the first breweries. Today, all our beers are unfiltered, and they get their clarity from long aging period – he adds.

The beer is aged up to six weeks, and in case of porter – even half a year. Moreover, Gościszewo Brewery utilised presureless fermentation, which also has influence on the taste.

– We try to diversify our portfolio, but we try to remain cool-headed about it. Our customers are accoustomed to particular flavours and they expect our offer to be constant. We also have limited production capacity, which prevents us from constantly adding new kinds of beers to our portfolio. This makes every new flavour a result of a well-thought process – says Chrystian Czarnecki.

Ironically, products from Gościszewo Brewery are more known in central and southern Poland than in its home, the Pomorskie region. It turns out, however, that people who live in Pomorskie are more conscious of the quality represented by craft breweries. This makes them more and more interested in products of Gościszewo Brewery.

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