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Egg is a symbol of rebirth, and lamb – victory over evil. You’ll find them not only in the traditional Easter baskets, but also among precious artifacts found in the museums and galleries in Pomorskie. We’ve examined different exhibitions to find precious, Easter treasures of Pomorskie.

Gdańsk coat of arms on a Fabergé egg

It is difficult to be indifferent to Fabergé eggs. The oldest ones were made by goldsmiths in the Romanov era. Made of gold, precious stones, ivory and mother of pearl, they were treated as exclusive Easter gifts and ordered by the tsar. We have our own Fabergé egg in Gdańsk. Made of amber, gold, ruby, diamond and sapphire, with the city’s coat of arms enamelled on it. This precious souvenir was presented to Tomasz Posadzki, the then president of Gdańsk, on the 1000th anniversary of the city of Gdańsk. The egg is on display in the Amber Museum in Gdańsk.

Muzeum Bursztynu ze zbiorów Muzeum Gdańska www.dziedzictwo-gdansk.pl

An art piece from the famous amber artist, Lucjan Myrta

Lucjan Myrta is an artist from Sopot who needs no introduction. He is the author of, among others, The Amber Treasury (Bursztynowy Skarbiec), which was recognized as the largest amber piece made by man. To create it, he used 7 tons of amber and devoted as much as 12 years of work. Myrta is also known for his amber triptych, “The Tree of Life”. Part of his legacy can also be found in the Museum of Amber in Gdańsk, in the form of a 20 cm high crowned amber egg, decorated with three olive garlands made of white amber.

Muzeum Bursztynu ze zbiorów Muzeum Gdańska www.dziedzictwo-gdansk.pl

Porcelain lambs from Uphagen’s House

Two porcelain lambs, a sheep and a lamb to be precise, proudly reside in Uphagen’s House. The figurines were created in Meissen Manufactory in Gdańsk. Their models were prepared by Peter Reinick, a resident of Gdańsk, who was one of the most famous creators of Meissen porcelain in the 18th century. It is believed that the lamb may have once served as a container for butter or cosmetic products. And although the lambs have “taken up residence” in Uphagen’s House, this year you will also have the chance to admire them on Gdańsk Christmas cards.

Dom Uphagena ze zbiorów Muzeum Gdańska www.dziedzictwo-gdansk.pl

House altar with a crucifix

The crucifixion of Christ is a very important symbol in Christian religion. Amber Museum in Gdańsk houses a three-storey house altar with a crucifix placed on six legs and decorated with an openwork plaque with the figure of Christ holding an ear. It is decorated with amber elements.

Muzeum Bursztynu ze zbiorów Muzeum Gdańska www.dziedzictwo-gdansk.pl

Feasting with the Pharisees

This time, we found an Easter accent on a painting in the collection of the Gdańsk Museum. The painting stored in the Main Town Hall was painted in the 17th century, and its author remains unknown. It depicts a feast and is a prelude to the celebration of the Holy Week in the Christian religion. At the long table, there are people dressed in oriental clothes, feasting. Christ with Mary Magdalene at his feet can be seen in the foreground. 

Ratusz Głównego Miasta ze zbiorów Muzeum Gdańska www.dziedzictwo-gdansk.pl

Museums in Pomorskie are full of exhibits with traditional Easter symbolism. The ones we mentioned are certainly just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure to browse through the collections of our region’s museums on your own in search of little big treasures.

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