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From the outset, the Olivia Business Center was planned to be something more than an office park. The investor’s goal was to create a comfortable space and, above all, to help employees to develop a healthy work-life balance through the solutions the center provides.

The OIivia Business Center is located in the heart of a bustling city. The architecture of the buildings meets the highest international aesthetic and environmental performance standards. The investor has also implemented a number of initiatives to improve the flow of car traffic and promote alternative forms of transport – such as the Olivia carpooling system (cp.oliviacentre.com).

Olivia Business Center

In the second half of the year Olivia Star, the tallest building in Northern Poland and a part of the Olivia Business Center, opens new spaces that will emphasize the role the center has been playing for years. On the highest levels of the building – floors 32, 33 and 34 – new places have been developed which are designed to support integration of both residents and tourists as well as fans of prestigious events and business environments.

Floor 32

On floor 32 a public vantage point with an outdoor terrace is under development. People will be able to enjoy a unique view of the entire Tri-City from there. This level will be a friendly place for people of all ages – both residents of the Tri-City and neighbors from the Oliwa district, as well as tourists, according to project director Rafał Marcyniuk. Floor 32 will also offer some attractive dining possibilities and intimate jazz and acoustic concerts in the evenings which, when combined with exceptional views of the Gulf of Gdańsk, the cities of Gdynia, Gdańsk and Sopot and the Tri-City Landscape Park, will guarantee unforgettable impressions.

Mr Marcyniuk adds that this level also includes an intimate space where exhibitions and meetings with luminaries of culture, the arts and the sciences will be organized. The interior design of the space is supposed to be surprising to its visitors. The investors have not yet revealed the character of the interior design of the 32nd floor, however they emphasize that it will be very friendly and will encourage people to spend more time inside.

Floor 33

On floor 33 there will be the Arco restaurant which will be run by one of the most successful chefs in the world – Paco Perez. His restaurants are located in major European cities and have thus far accumulated 6 prestigious Michelin stars. His latest restaurant project was opened last year in Manchester in partnership with the famous Manchester City team coach – Pep Guardiola. Mr Perez’s ambition is to create a restaurant that will draw the attention of food lovers to Gdańsk and the Pomorskie region.

Mr Perez very carefully selects the locations of each of his restaurants, which is why Arco has been under development for over two years. Prime reasons for choosing Gdańsk as the location of his next venture was the unique history of the city and the amazing view from the fully glazed restaurant space situated on the 33rd floor of the Olivia Star building. Yet no less important was the rich variety of excellent local suppliers, from whom Mr Perez will acquire products for his kitchen. This master of cooking is known for using all facets of the culinary arts to compose his menus, in order to stimulate all the human senses. These dishes should not only impress diners with their exquisite flavours but also through their aromas and the artistry of their presentation.

Olivia Business Center restaurant Arco

The 33rd floor of Olivia Star will be divided into two zones: a top-class fine dining restaurant and a less formal restaurant, which will serve a menu for people who want to meet friends and enjoy high-class snacks, breakfasts and lunch dishes every day. The two parts will be separated by a bodega offering nearly 800 different wines, perfectly complementing the dining menus of both restaurants.

Floor 34

The top level of the tallest building in northern Poland, located at a height of 150 m, was designed in such a way that the perspective and unique view were the main elements of the decor. It will be mainly a conference center space, but apart from this type of event it will also be possible to organize various celebrations there. The importance of the event can be emphasized by a menu prepared by the Master – Mr Perez.

The vast space of this floor has nearly 800 square meters and it is almost 6 meters high. The walls are fully glazed: from the floor to the ceiling there is an unspoilt view stretching from Gdynia to Gdańsk, and even to the Vistula Spit. It is worth mentioning that this is the only place from which you can admire the panorama of the entire Tri-City and its characteristic spots such as the stadium, the port wharves, the Sopot pier or the beautiful Tri-City Landscape Park in the surrounding hills nearby.

Building of the Olivia Business Center

This original space, a description that can be used both literally and metaphorically, and a great seaside location, identify Olivia Star as a unique place among conference centers in Poland. The building itself, visible from many distant places of the city, has already become its new symbol, and its ambition is to set trends and introduce new levels of quality, not only for Gdańsk or Poland.

The Olivia Business Center Aleja Grunwaldzka 472c, 80-309 Gdańsk https://www.oliviacentre.com/ biuro@oliviacentre.com +48 58 739 61 00

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