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The Pomorskie Voivodeship is constantly developing its gastronomy. It was only a matter of time before the first food hall with a diverse culinary offer opened here. From now on, Gdańsk has the Słony Spichlerz (Salty Granary) Restaurant Market, and Gdynia – the Batory Food Hall. But this is not the end.

The Słony Spichlerz (Salty Granary) is a food hall in the heart of Gdańsk. It is located on Granary Island , which is on the “other side” of the Motława River. In its modern interiors, under one roof and at shared tables (up to 400 seats), we can find 9 gastronomy concepts. In each of them, we will order dishes from different parts of the world. So it can be safely said that everyone will find something for themselves in the Słony Spichlerz (Salty Granary), regardless of their culinary tastes.

Salty Granary

– The interior of the hall, as well as its location, are the most fabulous place in Gdańsk. Slightly away, yet right in the center. Here you can cut yourself off from reality, bordered by the Motława River – says Dominika Łącka, a specialist in PR at the Salty Granary.

Salty Granary - kitchen

The place is open from morning until night. At 8.00 a.m., we can have breakfast here and at 1:00 a.m. a late supper. At weekends, we can sit in the bar until 3 in the morning. In addition, the Salty Granary is pet-friendly, which is an undeniable advantage of this place.

Interior of the Salty Granary

The flavors of the world and Roof Top in the Salty Granary

The biggest advantage of a food hall is the opportunity to spend time with your friends without giving up on your favorite flavors. You don’t need to compromise here, because we have almost everything at your fingertips. A vegan as well as a beef burger fan can sit at the same table, and a place for sushi lovers will be there, too!

– The variety of dishes is so wide that we dare to say that everyone will find something for themselves. Regardless of age and culinary preferences. We touch the flavors of Mediterranean, Asian, meat, creative, Polish, vegetarian-vegan and sweet cuisine. Each of the restaurant concepts can be treated separately, but together they constitute a great culinary family – adds Dominika Łącka.

In the Salty Granary we can try Thai (Bangkuk by Thai Thai), Italian (Czerwony Piec – Red Stove), Mediterranean (Delfish Grill and tapas), Polish (Gwar Bistro) and Japanese (Ramen & Sushi by Mitsuro) cuisine. Lovers of beef burgers can find their favorite one in Sexy Bull Burgers & Prosecco, and vegetarians and vegans will be pampered by Vegemadre Veggies & Love. You can have a delicious breakfast with coffee, or bowls with specialities from various corners of the world at Chwila Moment Breakfast & Bowl. Additionally, if we do not want to eat savoury delicacies, we can order something sweet from Błogo Cakes & Sweets. Everyone can have a nice drink – wine, beer or a cocktail at Salty Bar.

However, this is not the end of attractions. On the last, 8th floor of the building, there is the Roof Top. During the day it offers cafes and views, and in the evening lounge and chillout. On weekends we can also enjoy club madness in the newly opened Sassy Club, which is located on the 6th and 7th floor.

Drinks in the Salty Granary

Salty Granary – When history meets modernity

I have to admit that it is very nice in the Salty Granary. The modern design of an industrial loft character is an interesting combination between an elegant restaurant and a casual pub. You can come here for a romantic dinner as well as for a drink with friends.

– The atmosphere is universal and the interior is warm, friendly and visually attractive. There is a relaxed atmosphere. It is a self-service place. You order dishes in particular restaurants and get a beeper, which informs you that the meal is ready. So you can sit back and wait for the signal. The exceptions are: drinks and drinks served by the waiter team from Salty Bar and GWAR Bistro with full service – adds Dominika Łącka.

The space is also unique because of its history. The concept was created in the renovated historic building of the Deo Gloria granary. This historic feature is obvious to the naked eye. It is fantastic that the building has gained a new life, adapted to contemporary needs!

Batory Food Hall Gdynia

Gdynia also has its food hall, and like Gdańsk, it has developed an existing space for this purpose, adding a new life to it. Batory Food Hall is located in the heart of the city in a separate part of the still functioning shopping gallery. The decor, just like in the Salty Granary, refers to the style of an industrial loft.

The space combines 9 gastronomic concepts, a café and the “Barbatory” bar, which is the center of everything. In Gdynia food hall you can eat: different variations on chips (“Fryta”), Berlin kebap (Kult Gemüse Kebap), Mexican delights (DecapiTacos), Polish specialties (Palce Lizać Gdynia), Syrian vegetarian cuisine (Zater Orient), burgers (Burger Station), tapas and Italian pizza (Pizza & Tapas) as well as juice, ice cream and sandwiches (“Pociągnij za słomkę” – “Pull the straw”). On top of that you can have aromatic coffee at Etno Cafe Kawiarnie, and tasty, natural ice-cream shops at “U lodziarzy” ice-cream shop.

Batory Food Hall is open daily from 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., and on Fridays and Saturdays until midnight. On weekends, guests will be accompanied by live music.

The food hall philosophy has been well received in the Tri-City and a third place of this type will soon be created. This time it will be in Wrzeszcz at the Metropolia Gallery. The exact opening date is not yet known, but it will most likely take place this year before the summer holidays.

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