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Adults want to have fun, too. Why not practise yoga with wine or go skydiving, admire Pomorskie from a bird’s eye view, control an Airbus or ride a giant swing? At a certain age, good time also means deep relaxation and not having to do anything. Here are our suggestions on how to spend an afternoon in the Pomorskie region. Having fun or relaxing deeply.

Interesting wine workshops – paint, practice yoga or create your own items from clay.

Wine Yoga or yoga and wine meetings, is a proposal by the Hilton Hotel, where wine tasting and entertainment intertwine. The meetings start with wine tasting along with a lecture of a sommelier from the hotel’s Mercato restaurant. The tasting itself is great fun, but that’s not all. Participants perform yoga poses (asanas) using glasses filled with various types of wine, which they choose themselves during the tasting. There is one bottle of wine for each pair, so it’s a lot of fun.

If not yoga, how about painting with wine? Good Time Art Studio from Gdansk organizes artistic workshops combining art with a party-like atmosphere. In a friendly group of aspiring painters, with a glass of good wine, you can pour your emotions onto canvas, enjoy the painting process and create your first masterpiece. You can also paint with wine at Cosma Gallery an art gallery and auction house in Oliwa, where events with wine and art are organized periodically. Thanks to Nomad Ceramics you can participate in cyclical ceramic events called “Clay and Wine.”. Both beginners and those who have already created quite a few ceramic items in their lives are welcome.

Deep relaxation – floating and massage

In adult life, we often lack time for real relaxation. This is when Five Senses, located in the Garnizon district of Gdansk, comes to the rescue. At Five Senses, you can use a sensory deprivation tank, offering a  floating session, which works wonders for the body and mind. In the tank, which cuts you off from all external stimuli, you float on the water and gently sway to the rhythm of your heartbeat. At Five Senses, you can also take advantage of a wide range of relaxing massages.

If you are looking for a good Thai massage, you can visit one of Thao Thai or Prana Spa parlours. Time slows down in these places and the soothing music, along with a gentle or intense massage performed by a professional, puts you in a state of deep relaxation. Another place worth checking out is Amber Hammam – amber spa in Gdansk, where you can participate in an exceptionally  relaxing 4-stage Hammam ritual.

Adrenaline and sports – cruises, flights and jumps

In the Tri-City area, we have several simulators that enable you to fulfil your dreams or improve your skills. At the Gdansk AirPrint Flight Simulator you can take control of an Airbus A320 in a professional flight simulator.  Or perhaps you are interested in a golf simulator? We recommend SIM | Ulator GOLF in Gdansk, professional two-stations with equipment for fun or training. 

For adrenaline seekers, we recommend the attractions offered by the Gdansk Aero Club. You can choose between glider flights, helicopter flights, admire the Baltic Sea from a bird’s eye view while sitting in a small plane. Or perhaps you dream of a romantic hot air balloon flight over The Kashubian Lake District? All of this is possible in the Pomorskie region. Premium Yachting also provides great entertainment. You can see what the Tri-City looks like from a water perspective, go on a romantic sunset cruise, or sail to Hel or to the Vistula Spit Canal.

Playgrounds for adults in the Tri-City – let your inner child have some fun

In the Tri-City, we have several playgrounds that have been created with adults in mind. In Reagan Park, you will find “Karuzelin”. It has huge swings, a rotating deckchair and hammocks. In the Wojanowo forest park, there is an 11-meter long slide. It’s worth coming to this romantic park with the whole family – for a walk, rest and to spend quality time together. Speaking of slides, you can also use the one designed for both children and adults, which connects the floors in the Small Kack Library in Gdynia. In addition to a rich collection of books and board games, you can also sit back and have a cup of hot tea or coffee.

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