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Imagine a hotel that sways nicely on the water. Flohotel it’s luxurious, safe, very modern and all yours. Dreams become a reality because such an apartment really exists and floats on the waters of Gdansk.


Let’s say – the hotel on the water is not a boat, although based on the pattern of a yacht, has a composite structure, and its interiors have been made of a water-resistant laminate. And this is where the similarities to the boat end. In fact it is closer to a luxurious apartment building with a modern design.

Flohotel – a dreamlike apartment

From the outside, Flohotel intrigues us with its futuristic and minimalist form. Inside, it has been equipped with modern and functional elements. In the 80 sq m space full of natural light, a few closed spaces have been constructed including , a bedroom with a view onto the Motława river, a living room, a kitchenette, a dining room and a modern bathroom with a shower. As the hotel owner says, Flohotel is supposed to bring only positive emotions to the clients. It aims at making them feel delighted and satisfying the tastes of even the most demanding of clients.

– We wanted to give our guests something unusual, so we have had paintings made especially for us like a portrait of Bob Marley, who is undoubtedly a symbol of freedom and a portrait of Salvador Dali, combining reality with fantasy. We would like every visitor to stay in a realistic luxurious spot surrounded by the interiors which would take them to the world of luxurious dreams – says Maciej Nowakowski, the owner of Flohotel.

For our convenience, the Gdańsk apartment is a smart home , equipped with an intelligent control system. Therefore, we can adjust the lights, blinds or floor heating using a smartphone.

Hotel on the water with a view of Gdansk

This unusual hotel is located on the Motława River at Kamienna Groba Str. , only about 500 metres from the Old Town. Not only can we admire the extraordinary view but have a chance of walking along the streets of Gdansk centre. After a 15 minute s walk from the Flohotel we reach Długa Street to see the Neptune Fountain or the Great Armory. And although the hotel itself is in an intimate place, it is not far away from the centre of urban life, where we can find many local restaurants, bars and clubs. There is also a free parking zone near the apartment.

Wposażenie Flohotel

Safe as at home

Is the floating hotel safe? The owner ensures us that it is. It is permanently moored to the shore so it will not float away, and the entrance door can only be opened with a special key fob or a code. The hotel is alarm protected and looked after by a specialized security agency who would be alerted in an emergency.

– There is no risk of flooding. The house floats on the water and its water level changes as much as its position to the land. So we can sleep peacefully – assures us Maciej Nowakowski.

Is it then a rocking apartment? A bit like that, as it floats on the water which is an attraction in itself. However its mooring system prevents its excessive movements, so we do not have to worry that we will accidently fall out of bed.

Inteligentny system sterowania Flohotel

Pomorskie Voivodeship is naturally associated with water. The proximity of the Baltic Sea and Kashubian lakes influences the attractiveness of the region. The hotel on the water is an interesting addition to the other attractions of this seaside resort.


Kamienna Grobla, Gdańsk

phone.: +48 729 419 983

e-mail: biuro@hav-apartments.pl


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