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Plethora of cafes, bars, restaurants, the neighbouring shopping malls, and surroundings that have been dubbed the most beautiful in the city. Wajedloty street in the Gdańsk district of Wrzeszcz has been growing to become an alternative centre of the city. Here, you can do your shopping, eat a delicious meal, drink the best cup of coffee, and in the evening – meet up with your friends, drinking the best craft beers.

Wajdeloty street is mesmerising. It is located in the oldest part of Lower Wrzeszcz (Dolny Wrzeszcz). It is adorned by meticulously built, eclectic houses from the end of the 19th century, and Kuźniczki mansion, which remembers the pre-Napoleonic era. People come here to breathe in the history of Gdańsk.

In the years 2013 and 2014, the street underwent a thorough revitalisation. Newly laid, cobblestone surface of streets and pavements, deliberate elements of small architecture, revistalised house elevations has made this part of Wrzeszcz change beyond recognition.

The city’s efforts were nationally appreciated. In 2016, Wajdeloty was awarded a honorary prize for the best developed public space in Poland, in the 10th edition of this competition.

These are not the only reasons to fall in love with Wajdeloty street. Today, it is a place that is friendly to all saunterers. Many new businesses have opened shop here, including pubs, restaurants, and services (such as a barbershop) that attract people who shun commercial offers, supporting local craftsmen instead.

Vegetarians can be easily found in Hummusland, a place that lives up to its name serving chickpeas in all possible forms. Hummusland offers hummus in all kinds of flavours: traditional, pumpkin and pomegranate, beetroot, and even sweet variations: nut or date. All of them are prepared every day on the spot.

Vegetarians will also enjoy the nearby Avocado. The small restaurant is very often filled to the brim. It has already become a place that people from Gdańsk know will guarantee delicious, fresh, meat-free cooking.

If you have a sweet tooth, then Lody Tradycyjne Kwaśniak (Kwaśniak Traditional Ice Cream) is a place for you to go. The Kwaśniak family has been producing ice cream since the 1950s. It is the second, aside from Gdynia, place where you can taste these delicious, natural, homemade ice cream, prepared according to a long-developed, family recipe.

If you’re into pancakes, on the other hand, try Yummy. They serve not only traditional, sweet pancakes, but savoury ones as well. If you can’t decide upon one flavour, why not mix sweet and salty by ordering a chicken and mascarpone pancake?

You will find the best coffee and vegan cakes in Fukafe. There is no way to have a drink or a snack that wouldn’t be vegan. The owners are keen vegans and make sure that there were no exceptions to this rule. So, a cappuccino? Sure, but with soy milk.

In the evening, why don’t you try Polish craft beers in AleBrowar. It’s a gathering place for all the lovers of Wrzeszcz district, both those who live here, and those who just love its original, uncanny vibe.

This part of Wrzeszcz is not only about the plethora of food outlets, though. There are also two shopping malls in the direct neighbourhood of Wajdeloty street. The closer one is Galeria Metropolia, with shops and brands that are very often nowhere to be found in other places in Tricity. On the other side of railway tracks, Galeria Bałtycka has been a popular spot for many years now. It is also the largest shopping mall in Gdańsk, with an offer so rich that it can give you headache.

The location of historical brewery, where Wajdeloty connects with Kilińskiego street, has been transformed into Browar Gdański estate, which offers flats, apartments, and lofts. This has become one of the most prestigious investments in Gdańsk.

We don’t have to convince anyone that Wajdeloty street, with its characteristic roundabout and historical houses has become one of the most important landmarks of Gdańsk, aside from Main and Old Towns, Oliwa district, and the seaside promenade. And since the famous Nobel Prize winner, Gunter Grass, used to live nearby at Lelewela 13 street, a stroll in the writer’s footsteps, which includes Wajdeloty, is an obligatory part of any tour around Wrzeszcz and Gdańsk.


Galeria Metropolia

ul. Kilińskiego 2, 80-425 Gdańsk

e-mail biuro@galeriametropolia.pl


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